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NFL Player Care Foundation

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How Auth0 helps NFL players prepare for life after football

March 11, 2020

Most football players have spent their entire lives working towards the NFL–putting in the hours and the hard work to be the very best. Eventually, players will leave the game eager for the next challenge and ready to translate their skills into off-the-field success.

The NFL Player Care Foundation is instrumental in helping players transition out of the league and onto their next stage of life. Through events such as the NFL Career Fair, Auth0 and other companies help players find the right place to apply the same things that made them great in football to make them great in life after football.

"Attending the NFL Career Fair was the best professional decision I have made post-retirement. To all the future and newly retired guys, I would say, don't give it another thought. Attend this conference, find out you're not alone, learn you have options," said Ryan Pontbriand, Cleveland Browns 2003-2011, Pro Bowl 2007, 2008.

NFL Players

And Auth0 is here to help as well. Over Super Bowl weekend, our recruiting team participated in a unique career fair geared specifically toward NFL Legends.

"Today's NFL Career Fair was the most rewarding career fair I have done in almost 30 years in this profession. I met so many wonderful men who devoted their lives to football and served as role models to so many,” said Amy Albright, Senior Director of Recruiting. “When their football careers are over, much like our veterans, they are often left wondering where to go from there. When you've lived and breathed for one purpose, how do you find a new one?”

The end of a football career is really just the beginning of the rest of a player’s life and the confidence, focus, and discipline that athletes possess will serve them well as they shelve their shoulder pads.

“These athletes are used to working hard and putting in the time to be successful. We’ve found that these skills transfer really well into other fields in business. At this event, we were able to interview players for current open roles in our sales and marketing team,” said Glynis Moore, Technical Recruiter at Auth0.

The average NFL player spends only 2.8 years in the league and Auth0’s remote-friendly workplace is a strong draw for players who might have relocated their families several times in their career.

“We are always looking for talented and experienced leaders and we know that NFL players bring the leadership skills and work ethic that Auth0 needs to continue to grow and succeed,” said Auth0 CEO Eugenio Pace. “We are truly thankful for the opportunity to give back to these men who have given us so much over so many years."

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