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Sign in with the Solana Name Service Powered by Auth0

What about a single username for all the dapps that you have to sign up for? No passwords, no emails, just your SNS domain. One that is uniquely yours across Web3.

September 11, 2023

It’s no secret that an average internet user makes use of an array of emails, passwords, and username combinations spread across different apps to ensure logins. A process that prevails to be a logistical effort.

Today, however, we’re changing the game for Solana developers, their dapps, and users - to make the Solana “login” experience(s) a dream.

We present to you a tooling built by Bonfida and Auth0: Sign-in with SNS (SIWSNS). SIWSNS is a new authentication method for .sol domain name holders. A method that allows a domain holder to live interoperably, control their digital identity and build Web3 profiles under a single name across every dapp they interact with.

Following a few simple steps, developers are able to harness the power of Web3 domains and automatically populate the identities of users interacting with their projects. One that is secured by the technology of public-private keys and guarantees consistent identities across the space. Besides the security of this method, we are accelerating the onboarding process for users and enabling already existing personalities to nest themselves in the new projects they delve into. Carrying over their potential following.

This makes for a much simpler experience - where practically no information is required. Ultimately reducing the barriers to entry and stimulating a better and more convenient Web3 experience.

View the Marketplace page for SIWSNS for developers.

A Better Experience for Solana Users

Domain names are unique. This means only one [king.sol](https://king.sol/>) and only one queen.sol can exist in our space. No, you don’t have to worry about signing into a dapp and not being able to use the same username you have on another.

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