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We Are Thankful for Our Team

Recognizing the efforts of the Okta and Auth0 teams during 2021

November 01, 2021

As 2021 starts to draw to a close, we all find ourselves reflecting on the year. We’ve all been through a lot — both inside and outside of work — and I know how hard our employees have worked this year to provide the best possible product, innovations, and service for our customers.

So to say thanks for all their efforts — and to ensure everyone has the chance to spend time with family, go on an adventure, or just kick back on the couch with ice cream — both Okta and Auth0 teams will have the week of US Thanksgiving and the week following Christmas as a company holiday.

While these weeks are designated holidays, business continuity and reliability are our first priority. All support, customer success, engineering, and communications teams will rotate weeks away to ensure there is no disruption for our customers. We’ve also implemented an extended period of code freeze during the holiday season, with an elevated approval process for exceptions to limit any risk of service disruption. For all of the details on our ongoing resiliency efforts, please visit here.

Too often in our industry, we overvalue work and undervalue rest. We don’t work so we can rest. We rest so we can work — and grow and change, which lets us continue to provide our customers the best possible experiences.

We are committed to bringing our very best to you all in the coming year.

Thank you,

Eugenio Pace

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