Lock v11 for Web


Auth0 APIs

Auth0 exposes two APIs for developers to consume in their applications:

  • Authentication: Handles identity-related tasks;

  • Management: Handles management of your Auth0 account, including functions related to (but not limited to):

    • Applications;
    • Connections;
    • Emails;
    • Users.

Lock Installation

Authentication API

The Authentication API exposes Auth0 identity functionality, as well as those of supported identity protocols (such as PasswordlessOpenID Connect, OAuth, and Single Sign-on (SSO)SAML). Typically, you consume this API through one of the Auth0 SDKs, such as Auth0.js or a library like Lock. If you are building your authentication UI manually, you will need to interface directly with the Authentication API.

Installation Sources

Management API v2

The Management API allows you to manage every aspect of your Auth0 account. For example, you can use the Management API to automate the configuration of your user environments or for runtime tasks such as user creation.


Management API v1 - DEPRECATED

The Management API v1 is deprecated and should not be used for new projects. If your existing application uses Management API v1, refer to the Management API v1 documentation.