Set Up an API

View Permissions Assigned to Users

This guide will show you how to view the permissions assigned to a user using Auth0's Management API. This task can also be performed using the Dashboard. The assigned permissions are used with the API Authorization Core feature set.

For role-based access control (RBAC) to work properly, you must enable it for your API using either the Dashboard or the Management API.

Authorization Core functionality is different from the Authorization Extension. For a comparison between the two products, see Authorization Core vs. Authorization Extension.

  1. Make a GET call to the Get User Permissions endpoint. Be sure to replace USER_ID and MGMT_API_ACCESS_TOKEN placeholder values with your user ID and Management API Access Token, respectively.

Value Description
USER_ID Τhe ID of the user for whom you want to get permissions.
MGMT_API_ACCESS_TOKEN Access Token for the Management API with the Refresh Tokensscope read:users.