Import and Export Users

Import and Export Users

Auth0 supports importing users from external applications using custom database connections, the Auth0 Management API, or the User Import/Export Extension.

Automatic migrations

Auth0 supports automatic migration of users from a custom database connection to Auth0. This practice is sometimes known as trickle migration or lazy migration. By activating this feature, your users are:

  • Moved to Auth0 the first time they log in after you set up the integration.

  • Not asked to reset their password as a result of the migration.

Limited access

Your Auth0 subscription plan and the login method you choose can affect feature availability. To learn more, read:

When a user authenticates via a custom database connection marked for import to Auth0, the following process takes place:

  • Auth0 authenticates migrated users against the Auth0 database.

  • If the user has not been migrated, Auth0 executes your custom login script and, upon successfully log in, adds the user to the Auth0 database.

  • Subsequent logins result in the user's credentials retrieved from Auth0, NOT your custom database.

  • New users are automatically added to the Auth0 database.

User Migration Diagram

Bulk user imports with the Management API

If you already have a user database, you can use our /post_users_imports Management API endpoint to populate a database connection with this information.

Migrate users with the User Import/Export Extension

The User Import/Export Extension allows you to:

  • Bulk import your existing database users into Auth0.

  • Search for and export some (or all) of your Auth0 database users.

You must be a Dashboard Admin to use this extension.

You can import and export user data using the User Import/Export Extension available on the Extensions section of the Dashboard. Select the User Import / Export extension and install it. For more information, see User Import/Export Extension.

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