Get Access Tokens for Testing

Get Access Tokens for Testing

This method for obtaining Access Tokens is only for test purposes. Do not get manually long-lived tokens and use them in your applications, because that nullifies the security advantages that tokens offer.


Get Access Tokens Manually

  1. Go to the API Explorer tab of your Auth0 Management API. A token is automatically generated and displayed there.

  2. Click Copy Token. You can now make authorized calls to the Management API using this token.

Test Application

  1. Set expiration time. This token has, by default, an expiration time of 24 hours (86400 seconds). After that period, the token expires and you will need to get a new one. To change the expiration time, update the Token Expiration (Seconds) field and click Update & Regenerate Token.

These tokens cannot be revoked so long expiration times are not recommended. Instead we recommend that you use short expiration times and issue a new one every time you need it.

Use Access Tokens for Testing

To use the Access Token you just created for testing purposes, use the Management API v2 explorer page to manually call an endpoint with the token.

  1. Go to the Management API v2 explorer page.
  2. Click the Set API Token button at the top left.
  3. Set the API Token field, and click Set Token.
  4. Under the Set API Token button at the top left, some new information is now displayed: the domain and token set, and the scopes that have been granted to this application.
  5. Go to the endpoint you want to call, fill any parameters that might be required and click Try.

Set the Token

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