Users Search

You can search registered users using the dashboard or the Management APIv2 using query string syntax for the q field value.

Only fields in user_metadata, app_metadata or the normalized user profile are searchable. Note that users have read/write access to the user_metadata field but only read-only access to the app_metadata field.


Here are some example queries:


Search by specific field

Search all users whose name is exactly "john":


Search by email

Search all users whose email is exactly "":


Search by multiple emails

Search all users whose email is exactly "" or "" using OR or AND operators:

email:("" OR "")

Search users without verified email

email_verified:false OR _missing_:email_verified

Filter a specific user_metadata field


(user_metadata field names are customizable; "blog_url" is an example field.)

Filter a specific app_metadata field


(app_metadata field names are customizable; "firstName" is an example field.)

Search users that have a certain app_metadata field


("plan" is an example field.)

Search users without a certain app_metadata field


List all users with a specific role


List all users from a specific connection or provider


Search using ranges

Inclusive ranges are specified with square brackets: [min TO max] and exclusive ranges with curly brackets: {min TO max}. Curly and square brackets can be combined in the same range expression: logins_count:[100 TO 200}.

  • All users with more than 100 logins:


  • Logins count >= 100 and <= 200:

    logins_count:[100 TO 200]

  • Logins count >= 100:

    logins_count:[100 TO *]

  • Logins count > 100 and < 200

    logins_count:{100 TO 200}

List all users that have never logged in

(_missing_:logins_count OR logins_count:0)

List all users who logged in before 2015

last_login:[* TO 2014-12-31]


You can search for terms that are similar to, but not exactly like, your search terms: