Application Add-ons

Add-ons are plugins associated with an application in Auth0. Usually, they are third-party APIs used by the application(s) that Auth0 generates Access Tokens for (for example, Salesforce, Azure Service Bus, Azure Mobile Services, SAP and more).

To view all the available add-ons for an application navigate to Dashboard > Applications > Addons.

Application Addons List

Some typical scenarios for using add-ons include:

  • Accessing External APIs: Using the Delegation endpoint, you can exchange an application's Access Token for a third-party service's (such as Salesforce or Amazon) Access Token.

  • Integrating with Applications Using SAML2/WS-Federation: Add-ons allow you to integrate with any custom or SSO integration that does not currently enjoy built-in Auth0 support, since they allow you to configure every aspect of the SAML2/WS-Federation integration.

Addons Example Diagram