About the Activity Page

The Activity page provides a summary of key data about your Auth0 tenant, including information on active users, failed logins, and more.

Things to know

  • Viewing a tenant's Activity page requires an account with an administrator role.

  • The Support Access role has limited access to the tenant's Activity page.

  • To ensure data is consistent, the current date cannot be selected in the date picker and data may take up to 12-24 hours to display.


Here’s what you will see on your tenant's Activity page.


At the top of the page, you'll see your tenant's total number of users, applications, APIs, and connections.

Example Dashboard Activity page tenant totals

Daily Active Users

The number of daily unique users with successful authentication or authorization activity. You can see the number of unique users for each day by hovering your mouse over a point in the graph.

Example Dashboard Activity page Active Users line graph

User Retention

The percentage of users that were active during the given time frame, calculated from the number of active users out of the total number of users on the tenant.

Example Dashboard Activity page User Retention line graph


The number of successful user signups.

Example Dashboard Activity page Sign ups line graph

Failed Logins

The number of failed user logins (the f log event type) over the given time period.

Example Dashboard Activity page Failed Logins line graph

Compare to last period

When Compare to last period is enabled:

  • The percentage difference is included in the graph. Positive changes are colored green while negative changes are colored red.

  • Dotted lines are the last time period and solid lines are the current time period.

Example of mouse hovering over the Dashboard Activity page Active Users line graph

View data by time frame

You can view data for a given time frame by using the datepicker next to the Compare to last period checkbox. There are builtin date ranges for the last 7/14/30/60 days, or you can provide the From and To dates for a custom range.

Example of Dashboard Activity page datepicker form