Using the Management API with Auth0-PHP

Auth0-PHP provides a wrapper for the Management API, which is used to perform operations on your Auth0 tenant. Using this API, you can:

  • Search for and create users

  • Create and update Applications

  • Retrieve log entries

  • Manage rules

... and much more. See our documentation for information on what's possible and the examples below for how to authenticate and access this API.


To use the Management API, you must authenticate one of two ways:

Regardless of the method, the token generated must have the scopes required for the operations your app wants to execute. Consult the API documentation for the scopes required for the specific endpoint you're trying to access.

To grant the scopes needed:

  1. Go to APIs > Auth0 Management API > Machine to Machine Applications tab.

  2. Find your Application and authorize it.

  3. Click the arrow to expand the row and select the scopes required.

Now you can authenticate one of the two ways above and use that token to perform operations:

use Auth0\SDK\API\Management;

if ( 'test' === getenv('APPLICATION_ENVIRONMENT') ) {
    // Use a temporary testing token.
    $access_token = getenv('AUTH0_MANAGEMENT_API_TOKEN');
} else {
    $access_token = myPlaceholderFunction();
$mgmt_api = new Management( $access_token, getenv('AUTH0_DOMAIN') );

The Management class stores access to endpoints as properties of its instances. The best way to see what endpoints are covered is to read through the \Auth0\SDK\API\Management constructor method.

Example - Search Users by Email

This endpoint is documented here.

$results = $mgmt_api->users()->getAll([
    'q' => 'josh'

if (! empty($results)) {
    echo '<h2>User Search</h2>';
    foreach ($results as $datum) {
            '<p><strong>%s</strong> &lt;%s&gt; - %s</p>',
            !empty($datum['nickname']) ? $datum['nickname'] : 'No nickname',
            !empty($datum['email']) ? $datum['email'] : 'No email',

Example - Get All Clients

This endpoint is documented here.

$results = $mgmt_api->clients()->getAll();

if (! empty($results)) {
    echo '<h2>Get All Clients</h2>';
    foreach ($results as $datum) {
            '<p><strong>%s</strong> - %s</p>',

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