JSON Web Key Set Properties

This is an example of the JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) used by a demo tenant, containing a single JSON Web Key (JWK):

Each property in the key is defined by the JWK specification RFC 7517 Section 4 or, for algorithm-specific properties, in RFC 7518].

Property name Description
alg The specific cryptographic algorithm used with the key.
kty The family of cryptographic algorithms used with the key.
use How the key was meant to be used; sig represents the signature.
x5c The x.509 certificate chain. The first entry in the array is the certificate to use for token verification; the other certificates can be used to verify this first certificate.
n The modulus for the RSA public key.
e The exponent for the RSA public key.
kid The unique identifier for the key.
x5t The thumbprint of the x.509 cert (SHA-1 thumbprint).

We don't currently support Elliptic Curve (EC) encryption.

For an example that uses JWKS to verify a JWT's signature, see Navigating RS256 and JWKS (uses Node.js), or check out our Backend/API Quickstarts.

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Sample implementations: