Manage Users

Auth0's hosted cloud database stores a variety of information on your users that is accessible to you. This information is available to you via a user profile, and your users are grouped by tenant. The user information itself can come from a variety of sources, including identity providers, your own databases, and enterprise connections (Active Directory, SAML).

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User Profiles The basics of Auth0 user profiles.
Metadata How user metadata and app metadata can be used to store information that does not originate from an identity provider.
Sessions What sessions are and how to implement them.
Manage Users Using the Dashboard How to manage users in the Auth0 Dashboard.
Manage Users Using the Management API The elements of a user profile, how to create a user, and how to view users and their profile details.
Email Verified Usage Proper usage of the email_verified field in a user profile.
Account Link Extension How, when a user has two accounts with the same email, to prompt the user to link them.
Add User Attributes to the DenyList How to add user attributes to the DenyList when you do not want to save them in Auth0 databases.
Import and Export Users Importing users from external applications into Auth0.
User Search How the Auth0 Management API Search endpoints allow you to search for and retrieve user profiles.