Change Users' Passwords

Bulk User Import Database Schema and Example

For a list of user profile fields that can be imported, see User Profile Attributes.

The users file must have an array with the users' information in JSON format.

The following JSON schema describes valid users:

Trigger an interactive password reset flow

User app_metadata schema

Additionally, the app_metadata should not contain any of these properties:

  • __tenant
  • _id
  • blocked
  • clientID
  • created_at
  • email_verified
  • email
  • globalClientID
  • global_client_id
  • identities
  • lastIP
  • lastLogin
  • loginsCount
  • metadata
  • multifactor_last_modified
  • multifactor
  • updated_at
  • user_id

The app_metadata stores information that can impact how an application functions or what the user can access (for example, a user's support plan or Lockroles and access groups). For more information, refer to User Metadata.

Use the Authentication API

File example

A file with the following contents is valid:

The file size limit for a bulk import is 500KB. You will need to start multiple imports if your data exceeds this size.

Use Lock

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