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Auth0 Ambassador Program

Our global team of ambassadors empower their communities and help make the Internet a safer place by attending and hosting meetups, conferences, and other events that focus on authentication, security and identity topics.

Arlene Andrews

Freelance Tester

Adrien Pessu

I'm Adrien. I'm a freelancer. I work as security engineer, I am helping developers deliver the most secure product (automation and evangelization)

Adrien Pessu on Twitter

Banujan Balendrakumar

Banujan is a senior software engineer and passionate about cloud, security and builds cloud native systems. He loves to play games and writes blogs on medium. He also contributes others on Stack Overflow and moderates Stack Overflowers Community.

Banujan Balendrakumar on Twitter

Christian Sanchez

Honduran and Software Engineer. Christian is Auth0 Ambassador and Postman Supernova, also passionate about communities, Co-Founder of the DevTeam504 community, Co-Organizer of the Flutter community in Honduras and Lead at Google DSC UNAH-VS.

Christian Sanchez on Twitter

Sivamuthu Kumar

Siva is a software architect at Computer Enterprises, Inc. Orlando, helping teams build and deliver mobile, IoT, and cloud and architecture specs. He loves developer community-related work and sharing projects, ideas & learning from other developers.

Sivamuthu Kumar on Twitter

Rohit Mathew

An Indian developer working at McAfee. His interests currently lie in DevOps, DevRel, and scaling solutions. In his free time, he likes binging Spotify playlists, playing or watching football/soccer & attempting to not be an out-of-practice musician.

Rohit Mathew on Twitter

Vincenzo Chianese

Born in Italy and living in United States, Vincenzo Chianese is a Software Developer focused on WebAPIs, building tools during the journey such as Express Gateway and Prism. Now he yells and complains about APIs @ SentinelOne

Vincenzo Chianese on Twitter

Garima Singh

Hello! I am Garima Singh. I consider myself as a smart worker and determined team player. I am an experienced developer skilled in C++, Java, Android Development, Full Stack Development, Machine learning, MERN, Javascript and its frameworks.

Garima Singh on Twitter

Ryne Cheow

A tech geek that loves in serverless computing, digital identity, and a cup of soy latte.

Natalia Venditto

Natalia is a professional frontend developer, working in the role of Frontend Architect for enterprise scale solutions, which means she leads large teams of developers to do awesome stuff with best practices, security and performance in mind!

Natalia Venditto on Twitter

Sayanta Banerjee

I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer who is always fond of new technology and is always interested in Innovation by means of Research and Development and open source contributions.

Sayanta Banerjee on Twitter

Mercedes Wyss

Is CTO at Produactivity & Full Stack Developer. Has a Duke's Choice Award. Community Leader of JDuchessGT and Devs+502 (a Google Community) in Guatemala.

Mercedes Wyss on Twitter

Philippe de Ryck

Philippe is a security expert with exceptional knowledge of the web security landscape. As the founder of Pragmatic Web Security, Philippe delivers security training, security consulting, and online courses to companies worldwide.

Philippe de Ryck on Twitter

Facundo Giuliani

Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok

Facundo Giuliani on Twitter

Kim Maida

Technical Content Lead at Auth0, Angular Consultant, mom + dog-mom, loves open source and contributing to and learning from the developer community.

Kim Maida on Twitter

Adil Shehzad

Adil is a Computer Science student at the University of Central Punjab. His expertise is in Multi-Cloud Computing including AWS, Google Cloud Computing, and Microsoft Azure. Adil writes tech & hands-on blogs in Medium & has worked in several communities.

Adil Shehzad on Twitter

MD Shahriyar Al Mustakim Mitul

I am a 1st year Computer Science & Engineering student at BRAC University, Bangladesh . I love community work, open source & hackathons. I am also a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Google Crowdsource Influencer, & Campus lead at Code for Cause.

MD Shahriyar Al Mustakim Mitul on Twitter

Mark Drummond

Director IAM at the Empire Life Insurance Company. Over 20 years of experience in Unix & Linux systems, and Identity & Access Management. Undergrad in Economics at Queen's University. Motorcycles, books, video games.

Majid Hajian

Majid is Google developer expert, an award-winning book author, Flutter, PWA, perf enthusiast, and a passionate software developer with years of developing and architecting complex web and mobile applications.

Majid Hajian on Twitter

Parham Fazel

Web & mobile tech lead at Lapis, @Auth0Ambassador. Follow me for content on JavaScript, Angular, React, Ionic & Capacitor, Progressive web apps & UI/UX.

Parham Fazel on Twitter

Fikayo Adepoju

I'm Fikayo Adepoju, a LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com) author, Full-stack developer, technical writer, and tech content creator proficient in Web and Mobile technologies and DevOps with over 10 years of experience developing scalable distributed applications.

Fikayo Adepoju on Twitter

Jordan Adler

I'm Jordan, Head of Developer Engineering at OneSignal. In the past, I've evolved Engineering Productivity at Cruise and Pinterest, lead API Platform engineering at Pinterest, and was a Developer Advocate at Google.

Jordan Adler on Twitter

Yolanda Mabusela

Podcaster at Social Geeks ZA,Tech enthusiast, ambivert and a good problem solver.

Yolanda Mabusela on Twitter

Suryansh Singh

I am a tech-enthusiast. I am interested in Machine Learning and Software Development. I love speaking in public, whether it's a debate or a symposium. I have also written a couple of technical articles for Medium and GeeksforGeeks.

Suryansh Singh on Twitter

Shuvam Manna

Geek, Bibliophile, Shutterbug, Blogger, and a professional bathroom singer perennially on the lookout for his Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.

Shuvam Manna on Twitter

Shivay Lambda

Shivay is a software developer specializing in DevOps, Machine Learning and Full Stack Development. He is an Open Source enthusiast & has been part of various programs like Google Code In & Google Summer of Code as a mentor and is currently a MLH Fellow.

Shivay Lambda on Twitter

Sagun Raj Lage

Sagun is an iOS and Full Stack Web Developer who aims to make the world a better place to live through his skills. He loves sharing and teaching what he knows and enjoys writing technical blogs. Singing and playing guitar are his greatest stress-busters.

Sagun Raj Lage on Twitter

Rodrigo Candido da Silva

Parikshit Gupta

I'm a Software Developer & a Machine Learning Engineer who loves to learn new technologies & meet strangers & discuss ideas. I love applying Machine Learning Algorithms to solve problems in real life. Also, sssshhhh!!! I love eating cheese-burst pizza's 🍕

Parikshit Gupta on Twitter

Oluwaseun Raphael Afolayan

Established Software Craftsman | Technical Writer | Growth Overlord | Human with faults.

Oluwaseun Raphael Afolayan on Twitter

Lamis Chebbi

Lamis is a GDE for Angular. She's a sr. software engineer with a passion for modern web. Founder of "Angular Tunisia", a member of WWCode Community, speaker, scrum master, content creator & trainer. Empowering women & students is a high priority for Lamis.

Lamis Chebbi on Twitter

Jai Kumar Dewani

A young nerd trying to get accustomed to this tech world. Interested in web, the inner workings as well its development. Looking to connect with people across the world and learn together!

Jai Kumar Dewani on Twitter

Harsh Kumar Khatri

Youtuber || Mentor(SWoC) || DSC Lead || Facilitaor(30 Days of GCP) || Mento(MLH) || Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador || Fellow(IncubateIND) || || Mentor(Hackin Codes) || Judge(Hack with LU) || Flutter Dev || Speaker

Harsh Kumar Khatri on Twitter

Elise de Beauvais

My name is Elise, I'm currently a Full Stack Developer, and on the side I'm working on my Master's Degree in CyberSecurity. I love learning and sharing my knowledge with others in fun formats such as TikTok videos.

Elise de Beauvais on Twitter

Chris Whited

Chris is a fullstack web application developer who has had a passion for authentication, authorization and identity. He has worked to implement and help companies implement Auth0 as well as beta test and demo new functionality and features.

Chris Whited on Twitter

Astishay Srivastava

I'm Frontend Engineer and a problem solver. I'm currently working on MicroInteractions, UX design and getting hands dirty on WebGL and Three.js. My expertise is in Client Side Rendering (React), Document Object Model (DOM), Virtual DOM and DOM Functions.

Astishay Srivastava on Twitter

Anush Krishna V

Winner of Hack for Africa, a Microsoft Challenge and 3 time award winner at Philly Codefest 2020 by Drexel Univ. I participated in over 16+ hackathons and mentored at 8+ more to come. I am the lead organizer for DevScript winter of code.

Anush Krishna V on Twitter

Ankita Saloni

Ankita is a student of Computer Science & Engineering at Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University & a Machine Learning Intern at Omdena. She volunteers with STEM & is associated with tech communities such as AnitaB.org, Women Who Code, WTM & GDG.

Ankita Saloni on Twitter

Harsh Mishra

I'm a Python and Javascript Developer with a knack for DevOps and interest in building Secure Web Applications, Application Programming Interfaces and Intelligent Models.

Harsh Mishra on Twitter

Daniel Krzyczkowski

Principal Software Engineer passionate about Microsoft technologies and Identity related topics.

Daniel Krzyczkowski on Twitter

Carlos Azaustre

JavaScript Developer and Educator. Web Technologies evangelist on Youtube and other platforms. Google Developer Expert on Web

Carlos Azaustre on Twitter

Muhammad Awais

I am a Full Stack Developer, based in Karachi, Pakistan. Since 2015 I've been living and breathing web development and creating web and mobile applications with cool tech stack. I am also an opensource contributor, a mentor and a speaker as well. ✨😍

Muhammad Awais on Twitter

Abhishek Hingnikar

Abhishek is a computer first developer who currently helps customers architect secure solutions with Auth0. 'When not working, I like to write code.'

Md. Shahbaz Alam

Full Stack Developer, Tech Evangelist, Director at Divertido Groups, Open Source Enthusiast, Mozilla Rep, Community Liaison Brave and believe in "Learn, Teach n be Innovative."

Md. Shahbaz Alam on Twitter

Milecia McGregor

Senior Software Engineer and Tech Writer

Milecia McGregor on Twitter

William Juan

Frontend developer with a focus on web and cross platform mobile technologies and a passion for creating beautiful, user friendly digital experiences.

William Juan on Twitter

Manbir Singh

Being a 22 y/o engineer working for impact in the tech-ecosystem, Manbir is a Developer Advocate at Packt, and believes that technology should be accessible by everyone. So he promotes inclusion and diversity while aiming to empower people to achieve more.

Manbir Singh on Twitter

Santosh Yadav

Santosh is a GDE for Angular & GitHub Star, he loves contributing to Angular and NgRx. He works as a software consultant & writes for indepth.dev. He is also the author of the Ngx-Builders package and part of NestJsAddOns core Team.

Santosh Yadav on Twitter

Dhanraj Chavan

Indie App Developer, YouTuber, Passionate about Coding & Technology as well as shipping my ideas into apps, Encouraging others to code through Coding Blogs & YouTube Channel.

Dhanraj Chavan on Twitter

Abel Mathew

It doesn't matter how beautiful your idea is. If it doesn't see the light of execution, it's pointless.

Abel Mathew on Twitter

Sanchit Khurana

Sanchit is a MongoDB User Group Leader managing city, as well as the student (India) program. He is a Flutter Chandigarh organizer, Google Developer Student Clubs Lead. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and giving various talks at the events.

Sanchit Khurana on Twitter

Indermohan Singh

Experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working with the Web and Mobile Technologies. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) focused on Computer Science from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana.

Indermohan Singh on Twitter

Debbie O'Brien

Debbie is Head of Learning & Developer Advocate at NuxtJS, the progressive VueJS framework. Debbie has over 10 years experience in Frontend development, & has many years of experience as a mentor for online learning platforms, Treehouse & OpenClassrooms.

Debbie O'Brien on Twitter

Ariel Bravo-Ayala

For 18 years I have been involved with SAP technologies. I am the Integration SME of a multinational consulting company, having delivered projects in large enterprises.

Ariel Bravo-Ayala on Twitter

Gabriel Quispe

I am web developer that love to work with Javascript technologies and share information with the community. Also, I really like to participate in different meetups and I'm mentor in some communities too.

Gabriel Quispe on Twitter

Pablo Cibraro

Pablo is software engineer, entrepreneur and former Microsoft MVP with more than 22 years of experience in the field. Pablo now focuses on technologies that enable developers to build large scale systems and web applications on the cloud.

Pablo Cibraro on Twitter

Jorge Palacios

Software Engineer with several years of experience in game development, now transitioning to web development. Published author in Game AI and tech speaker with a passion for teaching and sharing.

Solomon Esenyi

Solomon is a python developer and technical writer with a passion for open-source, cryptography, and serverless technologies. He's also the chapter co-lead for OSCA Yaba.

Solomon Esenyi on Twitter

Daniel Afonso

Daniel is a Software Engineer whose current interest is in React and JavaScript. He has a full-stack background, having worked with different languages and frameworks on various projects from IoT to Fraud Detection.

Daniel Afonso on Twitter

Chris DeMars

Developer Advocate in Detroit. Google Developer Expert. Microsoft MVP. Cloudinary Media Developer Expert. Accessibility Advocate. CSS enthusiast. #A11y

Chris DeMars on Twitter

Jordi Cuevas

I'm a Fullstack Developer from Venezuela, GDG organizer ,Technology enthusiast & I'm also part of the Mozilla es-ES translation team.

Jordi Cuevas on Twitter

Prateek Pardeshi

I'm a B.Tech UG student from India. I'm a Full Stack Developer(MERN stack), Open Source Contributor & DevOps enthusiast. I am also Community Influencer at Google Crowdsource (Chennai Region). I love to sharing my knowledge and giving back to the community.

Prateek Pardeshi on Twitter

Amarachi Amaechi

I am a Frontend engineer and technical writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I am also the community lead for vue.js Nigeria

Amarachi Amaechi on Twitter

Seema Saharan

I am an Open Source Contributor, and I love to help and mentor people.

Seema Saharan on Twitter

Uchi Uchibeke

Steve Coochin

Developer Advocate IBM. Seasoned Dev/Ops/CTO/Maker/Geek/Gamer. International Speaker/MC. Hackathon Mentor/Judge.

Steve Coochin on Twitter

Andres Pineda

Roy Derks

Harshit Junega

Harshit Juneja is an experienced technology professional with a demonstrated history of thriving with one of the world’s largest financial services provider in a platform development role.

Harshit Junega on Twitter

Mangesh Gaherwar

I am Mangesh I am a developer having working experience of 8 years mainly focusing around .NET and C#. In my spare time I blog at www.dotnetgik.com and also participate in community activities .

Mangesh Gaherwar on Twitter

Saksham Taneja

I am a part of Moz Rajasthan and also Microsoft stud ent partner, Ex DSC lead, Hack club facilitator and a community lover. hit me up! Let's have a great call!

Saksham Taneja on Twitter

Rishabh Shukla

Heya! I'm Rishabh Shukla, a Full Stack developer from India, I love building for the web. Beside's developing stuff, I enjoy listening music and also love food & travel.

Rishabh Shukla on Twitter

Akanksha Singh

I am a Master of Computer Applications student from Delhi, India. My interest areas include Flutter, Machine Learning, Privacy Preserving AI, Open Source. I love hackathons and can found building something almost every weekend.

Akanksha Singh on Twitter

Udhayakumar Govindarajan

I am Udhay working as Full Stack Engineer for a Bank in the USA. I speak at Meetup events, host Angular Webinars and also write blog posts on Angular, GitLab & JavaScript. Passionate about Web and technologies around it.

Udhayakumar Govindarajan on Twitter

Matias Hernandez

A Chilean Software Engineer, father of two little ones, Podcaster and egghead.io instructor. Love to share what he learn and know.

Matias Hernandez on Twitter

Fatima Aruna

I am passionate about technology interested in innovation love keeping up with the trend in technology and also love building products and apps also want to be a developer evangelist

Fatima Aruna on Twitter

Jamie Barton

Full Stack Developer - I build things with Node, GraphQL, React, and JavaScript. #AlwaysBeLearning

Jamie Barton on Twitter

Darsh Shah

Darsh is a Full Stack developer, who has been part of many developer communities & has served as a mentor & judge at various Hackathons globally. He's an Open Source Contributor, Postman Student Expert, & avid Blogger.

Darsh Shah on Twitter

Chisom Nwokwu

Chisom Nwokwu (fondly likes to be called TechQueen) is an Android Developer based in Nigeria. She is currently a Microsoft Student Partner advocating for Microsoft Technologies(Power Platform) and an Auth0 Ambassador!

Chisom Nwokwu on Twitter

John Vadillo

Jon Vadillo is a passionate and IT enthusiastic web developer, proffesor and entrepreneur with experience programming in both frontend and backend technologies. During his free time he loves to code and write technical articles about web development.

John Vadillo on Twitter

Seiji Ralph Villafranca

Technical Lead at Frontier Software PH, Dev Trainer at RakSquad and Community Lead at Angular PH, loves to code front and backend with Javascript, loves to bike around the world when out of code.

Seiji Ralph Villafranca on Twitter

Pradheepa Pullanieswaran

I am a backend engineer with around 15 years of experience in IT industry and has worked in web and enterprise applications across most of the industries like banking, insurance, health care, media.

Pradheepa Pullanieswaran on Twitter

Opene Victoria

I am an Aspiring Computer Engineer who is into Frontend Web development, Android, Technical community building and Technical writing.

Opene Victoria on Twitter

Kevin Cunningham

Sure. My personal site is https://kevincunningham.co.uk, my egghead content is at egghead.io/instructors/kevin-cunningham and my company website (we are two people atm) is https://spin-up.io.

Kevin Cunningham on Twitter

Rishabh Bansal

Rishabh is helping the next generation of tech leaders create inclusive and diverse communities. He's a strong believer in the educational benefits of hacker culture, and he supports student hackers through both professional work and community leadership.

Rishabh Bansal on Twitter

Mateus Carniatto

Angular Architect at Riaktr, Core Team for NG-BE. HackYourFuture BE Coach. Writing and Speaking about Angular, NGXS, NxDevTools, and NestJs

Mateus Carniatto on Twitter

Hendrik M Halkow

Dad, photo enthusiast, coffee lover, DevOps consultant, cloud engineer

Hendrik M Halkow on Twitter

Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky is a Google Developer Expert (GDE), Microsoft MVP, trainer, and consultant with a focus on Angular and RxJS. A vibrant member of the tech community, he organizes multiple community events and workshops each year to give back.

Michael Hladky on Twitter

Christoffer Noring

Senior Cloud Advocate, Public Speaker, Published author

Christoffer Noring on Twitter

Klee Thomas

Software Developer at nib Health Funds, Organizer of the Newcastle Coders Group

Klee Thomas on Twitter

Ryosuke Mori

SaaS Solutions Architect

Alejandra Giraldo

Computer engineer, +8 years as a web developer

Alejandra Giraldo on Twitter

Lax Mariappan

Co-founder of Eternus Global

Lax Mariappan on Twitter

Shedrack Akintayo

Developer Advocate at Cloud Foundry Foundation

Shedrack Akintayo on Twitter

Ricardo Chavarria

Web developer and organizer of Angular Honduras

Ricardo Chavarria on Twitter

Harshil Agrawal

Developer Advocate Intern at n8n

Harshil Agrawal on Twitter

Devlin Duldulao

Microsoft MVP, Auth0 Ambassador, Full-stack Cloud Engineer, Consultant

Devlin Duldulao on Twitter

Stéphane Bachelier

Lead backend engineer at Hillo

Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Daniel Madalitso Phiri is your usual not so usual developer. He has a self confessed content creation problem and in his free time he tweets (moderately) and mixes tracks.

Daniel Madalitso Phiri on Twitter

Moulik Aggarwal

I am a JavaScript Developer and an open source enthusiast who works with Firebase as a sole backend. I love to mentor newcomers to the tech world with the help of communities and also an organizer of JaipurJS and Firebase Communities Jaipur.

Moulik Aggarwal on Twitter

Narine Hall

Assistant Professor and Program Director in Data Science at Champlain College

Narine Hall on Twitter

Jayesh Katta Ramalingaiah

Full Stack Developer

Jayesh Katta Ramalingaiah on Twitter

Athul Cyriac Ajay

Athul is an undergraduate Engineering student from Kerala, India. He is also hackathon organizer, community lead and loves writing software in Python, Go and Node.js.

Athul Cyriac Ajay on Twitter

Bennett Benedict

Software Developer, JavaScript and TypeScript developer, I work with University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to develop web apps that run on top of DHIS2 System.

Bennett Benedict on Twitter

Eugene Musebe

Software developer & community builder based in Nairobi, Kenya

Eugene Musebe on Twitter

Manfred Steyer

Trainer, GDE, consultant and programming architect with focus on Angular

Manfred Steyer on Twitter

Elmoustapha Houeibib

Developer, Entrepreneur, Leader, Tech Enthusiast, Big Bang Theory Fan

Pato Vargas

Pato is a Google Developer Expert on Angular & Web Technologies. He loves contributing to the community and working on open source.

Pato Vargas on Twitter

Wassim Chegham

Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, Bazel web team, GDE for Angular and Google Assistant

Wassim Chegham on Twitter

Gift Egwuenu

Gift Egwuenu is a frontend engineer and technical writer based in Lagos Nigeria, She is passionate about making the web accessible to everyone and also an advocate for building open-source software and developer communities.

Gift Egwuenu on Twitter

Chathu Vishwajith

JS Enthusiast, Indie Game Developer and Software Engineer

Chathu Vishwajith on Twitter

Andreas Grimm

IAM & Serverless expert, Domain-Driven Design & Collaborative Modeling proponent. From the community, for the community, organizing several meetups in Berlin.

Andreas Grimm on Twitter

Naohiro Fujie

An identity architect for 17+ years in the EIAM/CIAM area. A board member of OpenID Foundation and leading KYC working group and his current interest is how to adopt BYOID and eKYC to improve CX/UX.

Naohiro Fujie on Twitter

John Lim

Solutions Architect at Discovery, Auth0 Partner & Ambassador and Software Consultant by day, Superhero Dad by night.

John Lim on Twitter

Augustine Correa

Organizer of the largest and longest running OSS community in Bombay. Docker Mumbai Community Leader and Microsoft MVP 2018-19.

Augustine Correa on Twitter

Alberto Salazar

Director at Advance Latam & Java Consultant. Java Community Leader, Grounbreaker Ambassador, and author of ‘Software Architecture with Spring 5.0’

Alberto Salazar on Twitter

Biodun Chris

Freelance Software Engineer, Developer Advocate, love building Community. Founded KnowIT (http://knowit.org.ng) to teach Nigerian Kids Coding.

Biodun Chris on Twitter

Mehul Patel

I am a student, web developer, and tech speaker currently living in India. My interests range from technology to innovation. I am also interested in web development, writing, and safe programming.

Mehul Patel on Twitter

Ignacio Anaya

Ignacio is a Full Stack Developer, Tech Trainer and Speaker. Passionate about code, teach and field hockey. I am mostly working with JavaScript, Vue.js & Node.js but I like to contribute to any kind of dev community or OSS project.

Ignacio Anaya on Twitter