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Auth0 and Splunk Provide Enhanced Security and Operational Monitoring and Insights

Auth0 extends log streaming capabilities with the new integration

September 15, 2020

Excellence in security and operational insight is not just about access to information and events; it also needs to address scalability and timely delivery and contextual depth. These challenges are further compounded by concessions made by enterprises while striving to improve their time-to-market. They often find themselves compromising on their SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) capabilities or their ability to gather and view accurate and timely insights into operational health.

This is where Auth0's Log Streaming and Splunk integration comes in. Splunk is a data platform that allows companies to analyze any structure data, from any source, across any timescale. Splunk not only makes it easy for companies to understand the health of their system in terms of performance and traffic. It also offers robust SIEM and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) capabilities via Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Phantom, covering monitoring, detection, investigation of security threats, and automation of workflows.

Auth0 is now a Splunk technology partner and can jointly deliver mission-critical identity information to our customers in a scalable and timely manner. This integration allows for easy visualization of security and operational signals from Auth0 within Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise as customers can now incorporate Auth0 event logs into their existing Splunk environment with minimal engineering work.

Auth0's Log Streaming and Splunkbase App provide a number of essential benefits, including:

Out of the box security monitoring

As part of this integration, we have created a custom Splunk dashboard that automatically visualizes critical security signals coming from Auth0. Security teams can monitor authorization traffic, analyze anomalies, and set up alerts for high-risk actions with higher confidence.

Visual insights and faster response time

Whether its security or general operational health, teams often rely on a quick visual triage to differentiate between a normal vs. abnormal state and whether they need to dive deeper to investigate potential issues. For instance, massive spikes in unsuccessful login attempts could indicate an ongoing credential stuffing attack, one of the most common threats targeting identity systems.

Auth0's Log Streaming integration with Splunk adds the ability to collect and visualize data in order to identify trends without needing any development effort, allowing for faster discovery of potential problems or risks. Moreover, operators and security teams can configure thresholds and alerts to notify them when suspicious events take place, enabling them to respond faster.

Leverage Auth0's contextual depth for better decision making

Auth0's event data provides rich contextual information to help our customers make informed decisions in regards to their future system architecture and development. With Splunk integration, customers can easily leverage this information to make more informed decisions, such as using our authentication data to determine device trends and prioritize the right one for development. Another example is when architecture teams can leverage peak traffic periods and geographic context to decide where and when to scale up resources.

Peace of mind with automated workflows

Customers can easily build workflows to improve their security posture by leveraging Auth0's event logs and Splunk's SOAR capabilities. For example, security teams can create a playbook within Splunk Phantom for Auth0's breached password detection event logs to automatically block an account and force the user to reset their password, all without needing any manual interaction. Security professionals can also leverage security-specific events and automatically trigger their teams' cases to investigate and mitigate them proactively.

Log Streaming enables this Integration

Auth0 Log Streaming provides customers with access to event logs covering a wide range of scenarios, including our own security-specific event logs. Customers receive prompt information for their identity, access management, and security functions, enabling them to react swiftly and appropriately. It also enables the possibility of using these event logs as extensibility points, allowing customers to customize their needs and workflows in third party tools such as Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Phantom.

Learn More

Using Splunk with Auth0 unlocks a variety of mission-critical use cases that enable companies to have better insights into their security and operational data. Learn how to set up the integration here, or sign up for a free Auth0 trial.

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