TL;DR: The Auth0 Australia Region launches to join the US and EU regions in helping subscribers lower login latency and meet compliance regulations for data residence.

We’re happy to announce that the Auth0 Australia Region has launched! Auth0 is on a mission to make identity simple for developers and IT professionals everywhere - something we’re already doing for more than 30,000 subscribers across more than 150 countries worldwide. Now those in and closest to Australia will enjoy even lower latency logins.

auth0 australia

One Auth0, three continents

The Auth0 Australia Region joins the US and EU regions previously available, extending our ability to offer the lowest login latency and allow subscribers to meet and exceed any applicable compliance requirements. Respective to all of the regions in which we operate, Auth0 is committed to following all legislation governing data regulation, privacy and consumer law.

Auth0 subscribers can specify their preferred location by simply choosing from a dropdown when they create a free developer account. Existing subscribers who are running from the US or EU regions and want to switch should just let us know and we’ll help with the migration. Several Auth0 subscribers have already made a quick and successful transition.

auth0 australia

Even faster

When you choose a service region closer to where your customers operate, you can experience some great login latency improvements. Subscribers who migrated from the US to the EU Region saw latency improvements of nearly 2x; the same is true for those now migrating to Auth0 Australia.

"Choosing a service region closer to where your customers operate can improve login latency."

We’re here to help

As always, we’d be happy to answer any questions or provide any assistance related to the new Australia region, or anything else. Open a support ticket, chat with us at or ask anything at

We look forward to hearing from you!