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Auth0 Marketplace Launches and Provides Even Greater Extensibility for Building Identity Solutions

Trusted integrations from industry-leading third-party solutions extend Auth0's functionality to solve increasingly complex identity needs

Last Updated On: April 14, 2022

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Sept. 22, 2020 – The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta, today announced the launch of Auth0 Marketplace, a trusted partner integrations catalog that enables customers to quickly extend the core functionality of the Auth0 platform and use it as an identity solutions hub for their specific needs. Auth0 Marketplace, with its ever-growing breadth of verified partner integrations, provides customers with the extensibility, customization, and confidence to meet their identity needs of today and tomorrow.

Auth0 Marketplace gives customers the power and flexibility to combine Auth0 with adjacent technologies, enabling them to put identity at the forefront of larger projects such as digital transformation, threat detection, compliance, customer conversion, and more. The identity management landscape is increasingly complex, fueled in large part by new security threats, regulatory requirements, privacy laws, and user convenience demands. Yet its function within enterprises is simultaneously becoming more critical, making extensibility a pivotal feature within any identity platform.

Auth0 Marketplace leverages Auth0's inherently extensible platform even further and supports solutions that cover a wide range of identity needs, including Consent Management, Identity Proofing, Log Streaming, Security, SMS/Email, Single Sign On, Social Login, and more. All integrations have been verified for security and functionality, and are easily discoverable. Once integrations are selected, installation wizards and guides help customers enable these new partner solutions quickly.

The launch of Auth0 Marketplace reveals two new categories of partner integrations:

  • Consent Management: Obtain and maintain user consent records for collecting data (e.g., via cookies) for ongoing adherence to data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc. Auth0 Marketplace features new partner integrations from MyLife Digital, OneTrust, and others.

  • Identity Proofing: Verify a user's identity based on real-world factors (e.g., biometrics) and additional factors before granting access. Auth0 Marketplace launches with new partner integrations from Onfido, Vouched, ID DataWeb, Caisson, and others.

Auth0's existing integrations are now discoverable and available in Auth0 Marketplace, including recently-launched Log Streaming from Splunk, Datadog, Azure Event Grid, and Amazon EventBridge.

"Consent management, together with identity management, provide a powerful solution for the adherence to the many data privacy policies, like GDPR and CCPA, that continue to crop up and provide incredible hassles for companies," said Kevin Kiley, Chief Revenue Officer at OneTrust. "This issue and need will not go away. Being a premier launch partner in Auth0 Marketplace gives us visibility with Auth0's thousands of customers, and provides them with an integral technology that is more important than ever with today's numerous privacy laws."

"We are excited to be part of the Auth0 Marketplace launch and have our solution serve as an integral component for Auth0 customers' identity architectures," said Rick Hofmann, VP of Global Partnerships and Alliances at Onfido. "As companies look to accelerate and scale their digital transformation, being able to remotely tie a user to their real, physical identity at onboarding and at other points along the customer journey, is critical to reducing fraud and building customer trust. We look forward to servicing additional audiences via Auth0 Marketplace."

By becoming part of Auth0 Marketplace, partners can participate in the growing demand for digital identity solutions and showcase their innovative products to Auth0's 9,000+ customers worldwide.

"Launching Auth0 Marketplace is a great milestone for the company and further highlights the demand for an extensible identity platform. Giving customers the power to fully adapt Auth0 to their needs widens their ability to build a secure, end-to-end holistic identity solution. Auth0 Marketplace partners represent the integrations that matter for identity," said Shiven Ramji, Chief Product Officer at Auth0. "Auth0 Marketplace will open the door to external innovation and make it easier for our customers to work with Auth0 as a true hub for identity management."

'Introducing Auth0 Marketplace' provides more detail about how to discover and enable integrations that help businesses solve identity. In addition, Auth0 will be hosting a webinar on October 7th to take a deep dive into Auth0 Marketplace and how it can help customers. Please visit the registration page for more details. Companies that wish to become part of Auth0 Marketplace can find more information at the Auth0 Partners page.

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