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Auth0 No-Code Actions Integrations Now Available in Beta

Actions Integrations reduce the amount of custom code you need to write, maintain, and update.

Last Updated On: April 14, 2022

Actions launched recently as the next evolution of extensibility with Auth0, picking up where our legacy extensibility tools Rules and Hooks leave off. Actions unifies the Auth0 extensibility experience in one place. With it, we took the power of Rules and Hooks and created a greatly improved developer experience with features such as an industry-standard VS Code style editor, typescript, draft mode, version control, improved secret management, and an expanded library of NPM modules. Actions gives developers the ability to customize Auth0 using the full spectrum of coding options from pro-code to low-code, with the addition of no-code Actions Integrations.

Actions Integrations, as our new zero-code layer, offers an easy experience to extend Auth0 with partner-built innovations with no coding required. Now you can implement key integrations such as Identity Verification or Consent Management to your workflow without writing or maintaining a single line of code, the provider of the integration takes care of that. To use Actions Integrations, simply install an integration from the Auth0 Marketplace and drag-and-drop it into your Actions workflow. Then with only a few configuration settings, the integration is part of your tenant.

Actions Integrations, currently in Beta, are now available through the Auth0 Marketplace and in Actions in the Auth0 Dashboard. This marks an essential milestone in how you can leverage innovations from Marketplace Partners into your Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) workflows. Through Actions and Marketplace, we are creating an ecosystem of sustainable, and ever-growing plug-and-play partner integrations that allows developers to solve many identity extensibility scenarios faster and without extra code.

Pro-Code custom Actions will continue to be a core feature of Auth0, with all the support you’ve come to expect. By adding Actions Integrations to our offerings, we give you the option to replace the custom code for common solutions with no-code integrations and leave the custom code layer for unique use cases to you. This reduces your overall maintenance and risks associated with custom code.

Plug & Play Extensibility

Endless innovation, centrally maintained

Satisfy your identity requirements right out-of-the-box without having to write custom code. Actions Integrations are reusable modules that are centrally maintained by a vetted Marketplace Partner. Integrations are designed to be maintained by the Partners with updates propagating automatically to all instances.This results in faster time-to-market while greatly reducing maintenance costs and resource drain associated with code updates that can result in having to rebuild Rules and Hooks.

Common use cases

Actions Integrations exist for the most common use cases of custom extensibility. These currently include:

  • ID DataWeb: Real time and self service global identity verification
  • Eva: Second-factor voice biometric
  • Scaled Access: Delegated user access management
  • One Trust: Consent and user preferences management
  • Incognia: Mobile identity proofing with address verification
  • Incognia: Mobile login with location behavioral biometrics
  • SecZetta: Real-time, risk-based authentication
  • Yoonik: Second-factor facial biometric
  • Infobip: Global SMS messaging
  • Amazon: Simple Notification Service (SNS) for microservices and serverless applications by Amazon
  • ClickSend: Global SMS messaging
  • Self-service data visualization platform
  • DataGuard: Consent and user preference management
  • Esendex: SMS authentication
  • Mitto: Global SMS messaging
  • Plivo: SMS authentication
  • Telesign: Global SMS messaging
  • Vonage: Global SMS messaging

With Auth0 Marketplace, we are building partnerships to deliver innovations that further reduce your need to code features from scratch. After the public launch of Actions Integrations, we will continue to grow our Marketplace catalog, adding more services and modules to help you expand and customize your CIAM implementation.

We encourage you to start using Actions integrations to satisfy any of the common use cases that apply to you. And of course, if you encounter any questions or have any comments, please direct them to our team of identity specialists.

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