A big part of being an Auth0 Ambassador and Evangelist is attending and speaking at conferences all over the world. Our ambassadors attend a very diverse set of events ranging from technology-specific conferences, like Oracle Code, to technology agnostic conferences like CodeMash, and everything in between.

The Conference Recap series will summarize our experiences at the various conferences we attend, sharing the big news, things we learned, things we liked, and more. We’ll kick the series off with ngVikings.

ngVikings 2018

ngVikings Venue

Dubbed as the "main Angular event in the Nordics — and the only traveling Angular conference in the world", ngVikings was a unique two-day conference organized by a coalition of Angular and GDG Meetups from the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. This year, the traveling conference was scheduled to be in Helsinki but found itself in close-by Espoo, Finland and was held at Aalto University.

The conference brought together over 300 developers and speakers from all over the world.

The keynote address was delivered by a core member of the Angular team Matias Niemelä and focused on his journey to Angular, how Angular has evolved over the last five years, and where it’s headed next. Angular Elements and the new ngIvy renderer seem really promising additions to the already excellent framework. Watch the keynote here:

After the keynote, the conference was split into two tracks with each speaker giving a 30-minute presentation. The talks featured at ngVikings focused mainly on Angular 2+ showing best practices, sharing lessons learned, and focusing on the future of the framework. You can view all of the talks here, and while all of the talks were great and worth checking out, a few that really stood out for me where:

Deploying Angular and Node to the Cloud

by John Papa

Advanced Angular DI

by Ward Bell

6 Apps One Codebase with Ionic

by Sani Yusuf

A big shout out to the organizers including Maxim Salnikov, Shahrzad (Sherry) Aziminia, Chris Noring, Jussi Kinnula, and the rest of the team for putting together such a great conference.

Auth0 at ngVikings 2018

Ado Kukic, Developer Evangelist at Auth0, was the only Auth0 representative at ngVikings and gave a talk titled “A Token Walks Into a SPA…”, which focused on token-based authentication for single page applications and Angular in specific. You can watch the talk here:

The talk covered topics ranging from why you should consider token-based authentication, how JSON Web Tokens actually work, SPA architectures and security considerations they bring with them, and finally how to incorporate token based authentication using various Angular specific features like HTTP Interceptors, Route Guards, and more.

ngVikings 2019

I am very hopeful that ngVikings makes a return next year, and the official conference website implies it will. Check out the official site for updates on where the traveling conference is sailing to next!

Over 300 developers attended ngVikings

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