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Deduce Hits the Auth0 Marketplace

Deduce Intelligent MFA reduces false positive MFA challenges

Last Updated On: July 21, 2022

Despite its overall effectiveness, multi-factor authentication (MFA) can sometimes feel like “More Frustrating Authentication”.

Many MFA solutions trigger far too many false positives and burden legitimate users with circuitous verification processes. This often leads to churn and potentially a costly hit to the company's reputation.

A recent CMO Council report validated this point, indicating that 81% of users preferred companies that enabled easy and secure account verification, with more than 60% have canceled a transaction due to an inefficient authentication process.

To mitigate the friction caused by false positives, Deduce launched its Intelligent MFA. After garnering praise from Fast Company as the most innovative security solution of 2022, Deduce’s Intelligent MFA is now available on the Auth0 Marketplace, delivering increased security and real-time identity insights to deliver a better user experience to a large swath of customers.

A Smooth User Experience

Using augmented risk models with 75 risk and trust signals that curtail false positive challenges by more than 50%, Deduce helps customers ensure that real account takeover (ATO) threats—not legitimate users—are flagged.

Powering these risk signals is the Deduce Identity Network: a real-time identity graph for online fraud in the US. With over 500 million anonymized user profiles and upwards of 1.4 billion daily activities at its disposal, the Deduce Identity Network and its Intelligent MFA application provide a critical layer of identity fraud defense to your Auth0 Identity Platform.

A Smooth User Experience

Deduce’s Intelligent MFA accounts for the following risk signals, sourcing real-time data to enable a smooth user experience:

  • New IP Found: Is this IP new to this identity?
  • New Device Found: Is this a new device for this identity?
  • Suspicious Activity—Time of Day: Is this time of day not normal or suspicious for this identity?
  • Impossible Travel Detected: Would it be impossible for a user to travel to a new location from the last known location in the given timeframe?
  • IP / Account Cycling Detected: Has this IP frequently cycled over many different accounts?
  • Malicious IP Detected: What malicious activity was observed for this IP across our network?
  • Network Proxy: Is this identity using a malicious proxy?
  • Network Hosting: Is this identity using a hosted network?

Deduce’s Intelligent MFA allows Auth0 Identity Platform customers to benefit from the collective intelligence of the Deduce Identity Network. The eight most significant risk signals listed above increase ATO fraud capture at authentication for returning customers.

Considering one in three consumers abandons a brand after a negative user experience, these risk signals play a crucial role in mitigating false positives and the resultant friction. Deduce’s Intelligent MFA unclutters the user experience via real-time insights that identify legitimate customers who otherwise might have been flagged for logging in at an unfamiliar location or on a new device.

Easy Setup

With a no-code integration, Auth0 customers can deploy the Deduce Intelligent MFA solution without building custom code. Simple drag and drop tools enable users to add Deduce to any Auth0 workflow and choose the appropriate risk signals for their needs.

Check out our solution brief to see how integrating Intelligent MFA into Auth0 can help you reduce friction, improve conversions, combat fraud, and keep customers happy. Additionally, this guide walks Auth0 users through the Intelligent MFA activation process.

The video below shows just how easy it is to set up.

As for prerequisites, there aren’t many: an Auth0 account and tenant (sign up for free here); an API Key and a Site ID (reach out to; and a tenant with MFA enabled.

To learn more about our partnership with Auth0, read the official press release.

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