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LATAM Response to Rapid Digital Change

Why Naranja and Wabi turned to Auth0 to ensure identity expertise and scaling

Last Updated On: August 04, 2021

The market in Latin America is growing faster than ever, with new venture capital deals nearly doubling to 488 between 2017 and 2020, according to Bloomberg. Beyond VC, a study by IDB lab revealed that the tech-enabled startup market hit a valuation of more than $220 billion USD in 2020.


Globally, the pandemic has accelerated digital road maps across industries and businesses now have to respond to changes in digital expectations and buying patterns.

Companies cannot predict exactly what their business and customers will need tomorrow, especially in response to today’s rapidly changing digital environment.

Gabriel Camargo
Product Director

Partnering with CLM on distribution in Latin America (LATAM) extends Auth0’s reach into Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Over the years of working within Latin America, we’ve learned that identity expertise and scalability are two critical areas of concern for businesses in the region. You can check out our earlier posts in this series for details, but here, we wanted to look more closely at how we were able to help two companies within the region.

Naranja — From Leading Credit Card Issuer in Argentina, To Complete Consumer Ecosystem

Fintech leader Naranja has been providing credit cards to the Argentinian market for over 30 years. In that time, they’ve grown to cover over 5 million customers by keeping those customers’ needs their top priority. As they grew, Naranja also began to integrate additional verticals into their business model. Pretty soon, they were offering payment services, financing, travel, media, and other services beyond their credit card programs.

As they added these verticals, Naranja’s head of engineering Javier Voos soon realized they would need to consolidate their identity solution to cover all aspects of their growing ecosystem. He knew that in order to continue putting the customer experience first, they would need to find the right IDaaS provider that would be able to scale along with their planned expansion.

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The main idea behind the Naranja ecosystem is to provide the best experience to our customers, making sure that our digital platform provides all the resources that an online business needs for success, and hence support the ecosystem evolution.

Javier Voos
Head of Engineerin

Voos’ priority was to find a platform that provided secure APIs for identity so they could focus their expansion efforts on B2B services alongside their expanded consumer offerings. Finding Auth0 meant that his team could implement one identity solution that would allow both B2B and B2C customers access to the platforms they needed access to while ensuring data privacy and a low-friction user experience.

Auth0 gave our company the tools to secure the access to our API for first- and third-party consumers, in a way that can scale through time and put us in a better position to ally with new partners and work our way to a fully functional Naranja API Market.

Danilo Asis
Solution Architect

WABI — South America’s E-Commerce Portal

With a half-dozen offerings already on offer, WABI is looking to the future. Their ambitious goal is to become Latin America’s go-to e-commerce portal. Their offerings already include WABI, a smartphone-based grocery service; Wabipay, an e-wallet app; and four additional applications. The end-goal WABI envisions is for customers to log in one time and have access to a complete, end-to-end e-commerce experience. They’ll be able to shop, pay, and track delivery all in one place.

Juan Manuel Mingo, former WABI Business Manager, sums up the hurdle they faced when it came to identity and customer authentication, “We had different platforms with different user registration processes,” he says. “Our aim was to unify all the user registration of the different platforms in order to get a better user experience and to have a more organized user database.” The disjointed customer experience was the first thing WABI knew they would have to solve before they could continue growing and expanding their e-commerce ecosystem.

Our endgame is that you enter the ecosystem through Wabi. You log in to Wabi, order your things, and when you want to pay, you simply go to WabiPay, and you’re already logged in.

Frederico Galli
General Manager

Like Naranja, WABI has always had a customer-first attitude. That meant that customer-facing features like single sign-on were top priorities. As Frederico Galli stated, their endgame is for customers to sign in once and have access to the entire ecosystem of WABI offerings. Not only that, but with further expansion plans in the works, they needed an identity solution that was with them for the long haul. Juan Manual Mingo put it like this, “WABI is scalable, and we need a partner that is, too. We believe Auth0 will support us in getting there.”


Learn how Auth0 can help your business

Argentinian talent Eugenio Pace and Matias Wolowski founded Auth0, so we know the ins and outs of the South American market. When you’re ready to bring your identity solution in line with your broader organizational expansion goals, reach out to our market experts to start the discussion about how we can help.

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