Over the past few months, we have all been relegated to our home offices in response to COVID-19. And while more than half of our workforce (55%) was already working remotely before the pandemic hit, there was still a large population of our team that made the transition away from working out of our six physical offices around the world.

While no one knew how long the quarantine would last (it is still very much in effect for some parts of the world), we started preparing a global reopening plan very early on for the time when we would eventually go “back to normal,” or at least, back to the office. We always have and will always prioritize the safety of our employees.

The ‘Back to Office’ plan ensures that when all of our offices open up, our employees have clear guidelines on re-entry. Our offices have all been redesigned and reconfigured to accommodate social distancing guidelines and safety precautions to minimize risk as much as possible. In adopting our guidelines, we complied with local laws and organizations, such as WHO, and the CDC.

At Auth0, we will start with a phased approach with our worldwide offices. And slowly, but surely, open one by one as their respective regions allow.

Our worldwide Back to Office guidelines, here as a downloadable PDF for your reference, provide the procedures and actions we took to ensure that the phased reopening was done with the utmost care. We have chosen to share the protective measures and policies that Auth0 has put into place in the hope that they are helpful to other companies for their reopening as well.

Auth0’s Back to Office plans will later be updated with the local laws and/or guidelines in each country where our offices are located. We hope this document will be useful for anyone working on similar office plans.

Stay safe and be kind to each other.

Auditor Back to Office guidelines: Sandra Karlsson / Operations & Facilities Team
Design: Cecilia Alvarez / Guillermo Mesyngier

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