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Business Continuity

Business Continuity at Auth0: Our Response to COVID-19

A message from CEO Eugenio Pace

March 13, 2020

At Auth0, we care deeply about ensuring that our employees, customers, partners, and their families are safe. This does not change during times of uncertainty, it only becomes a stronger commitment. We also know that Auth0 provides critical functions for all of our global customers, and we hold our responsibility with the utmost business ethical importance.

In light of COVID-19, Auth0 is taking all necessary precautions to conduct and maintain business-as-usual during this tumultuous time. We are closely following guidelines set forth by national and local government agencies, and have internally put actions into place to ensure our employees limit their risk of exposure.

Auth0 has maintained a Business Continuity Plan for many years that details steps for comprehensive action in the event of any emergency or crisis – including this pandemic. This plan is reviewed and updated regularly. This pre-planning enables us to be vigilant and focused no matter the circumstances, and provides concrete action to ensure the security of our business and customers.

One of the biggest disruptions being felt at the moment across the world is the transition to remote working. Thankfully, Auth0 has been designed as a remote-centric company since our inception in 2013 (Matias Woloski and I were building the business while living 7,000 miles apart), and we have a robust and tested infrastructure in place to support a fully-remote workforce for all 650+ Auth0 employees, if need be. This ensures that every employee and team is able to operate at the same level of responsiveness and service that our customers are used to.

Additionally, intentional cross-training of staff means that there will always be more than one person to handle key tasks or escalations without any disruption to our customers’ business. From an infrastructure perspective, all of our primary services are cloud-based and should not be impacted by COVID-19, ensuring that the same level of performance, innovation, customer support, and partnership will be maintained regardless of how long we are impacted by this virus.

Finally, we have prepared an FAQ that contains answers to a range of questions. If the answer to your question isn’t included, then please contact us directly at and we will help find it. We are ready to tackle any challenge with our customers and will always put our extended team first.

These are not easy times, but that’s why we prepare for them. We are deeply committed to taking care of our employees, customers, and partners, especially in times of uncertainty like these.

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