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Manage Roles

This guide will show you how to manage roles using Auth0's Dashboard. Roles are used with the API Authorization Core feature set.

The Authorization Core feature set andAuthorization Extension are completely separate features. To manage groups, roles, or permissions, you will need to use the feature they were originally created in.

Although the Delegated Administration Extension and the Authorization Core feature set are completely separate features, you can use the Authorization Core feature set to create and manage roles for the DAE if you use a rule. To learn how, see Sample Use Cases: Rules with Authorization.

For role-based access control (RBAC) to work properly, you must enable it for your API using either the Dashboard or the Management API.

Authorization Core functionality is different from the Authorization Extension. For a comparison between the two products, see Authorization Core vs. Authorization Extension.

We provide various functions to help you manage your roles, which you can access through either the Auth0 Dashboard or the Auth0 Management API.

Using the Dashboard, you can:

Using the Management API, you can:

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