View Users Assigned to Roles

You can view the users assigned to a role using the Auth0 Dashboard or the Management API. Roles are used with the API Authorization Core feature set.


For role-based access control (RBAC) to work properly, you must enable it for your API using either the Dashboard or the Management API. The Authorization Core functionality is different from the Authorization Extension. For a comparison, read Authorization Core vs. Authorization Extension.


  1. Go to Dashboard > User Management > Roles and click the name of the role to view.

    Dashboard - User Management - Roles List
  2. Click the Users tab.

    Dashboard - User Management - Roles - Users

The following information is displayed for each user:

Column Description
Picture User's picture from the user profile.
Name User's name from the user profile.
Email address User's email address from the user profile.

Management API

To retrieve a list of users assigned to a role, see Get a Role's Users.

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