prompt: mfa-recovery-code

prompt: mfa-recovery-code

Screen: mfa-recovery-code-enrollment

mfa-recovery-code-enrollment reference screenshot

Text Key
Sign up to ${clientName} pageTitle
Almost There! title
Copy this recovery code and keep it somewhere safe. You’ll need it if you ever need to log in without your device. description
Secure code to copy altText
Continue buttonText
I have safely recorded this number checkboxText
Copy code copyCodeButtonText
Please confirm you have recorded the code no-confirmation

Screen: mfa-recovery-code-challenge

mfa-recovery-code-challenge reference screenshot

Text Key
Log in to ${clientName} pageTitle
Verify Your Identity title
Enter the recovery code you were provided during your initial enrollment. description
Continue buttonText
Try another method pickAuthenticatorText
Enter your recovery code placeholder
The code you entered is invalid invalid-code
Recovery code must have 24 alphanumeric characters invalid-code-format
Invalid or expired user code invalid-expired-code
We couldn't verify the code. Please try again later. authenticator-error
Please confirm you have recorded the code no-confirmation
Too many failed codes. Wait for some minutes before retrying. too-many-failures
Your enrollment transaction expired, you will need to start again. transaction-not-found

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