Create Roles

Create Roles

This guide will show you how to create roles using Auth0's Dashboard. This task can also be performed using the Management API. The roles can be used with the API Authorization Core feature set.

For role-based access control (RBAC) to work properly, you must enable it for your API using either the Dashboard or the Management API.

Authorization Core functionality is different from the Authorization Extension. For a comparison between the two products, see Authorization Core vs. Authorization Extension.

Permissions are selected from pre-defined values. If your list of permissions is blank, you need to make sure you have defined permissions for your API. You also need to have already created an API in your Auth0 Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Users & Roles > Roles page in the Auth0 Dashboard, and click Create Role.

Click Create Role

  1. Name the role and add a description, then click Create.

Add Role

  1. Click Add Permissions.

Add Permissions

  1. Select the API from which you want to add permissions, then select the permissions to add to the role, and click Add Permissions.

Add Permissions to Roles