Liquid Syntax in Email Templates

When using the Email Templates available on the Auth0 dashboard, you have the option of using Liquid to select the appropriate data and formatting your emails.

Liquid is an open-source templating language that extends the functionality of HTML that you can use to dynamically generate your emails to contain varying information.

For example, you can structure the Subject of your emails to display the appropriate application name, rather than hardcoding a particular value:

We are {{}}!

HTML + Liquid syntax is supported in every field (except URL Lifetime) on the Verification, Change Password Confirmation, and Blocked Account email templates.

Using Liquid

There are two types of markup in Liquid: output and tag.

Liquid Markup: Output

Output markup resolves to text and is surrounded by two pairs of matching curly braces:

Hello {{ name }}!

You can further customize the appearance of the output by using filters, which are simple methods.

Hello {{name | upcase}}!

Multiple filters are separated by | and are processed from left to right, applying the subsequent filter to the result of the previous one. The template will render the final result.

Liquid Markup: Tag

Tag markup does not resolve to text and is surrounded by a pair of matched curly braces and percent signs:

{% this does not resolve to text %}

Tags are typically used to apply logic to your template. Using the supported tags, you can have one template meet several needs.

You could use tags to execute if / else statements to have a single template send out emails in multiple languages.

For example:

{% if user.user_metadata.lang == 'en' %}
  [email body in English]
{% elseif user.user_metadata.lang == 'de' %}
  [email body in German]
{% endif %}

If you need to use additional conditions, consider using a case statement.

Tag: Comments

Any content between {% comment %} and {% endcomment %} tags will not be rendered.

This will be seen. {% comment %} This will not be seen. {% endcomment %}

Tag: Raw

To temporarily disable processing of Liquid markup, use {% raw %} and {% endraw %}. This is useful if you are using syntax that conflicts with Liquid.

For example, you can escape the following Mustache.js line as follows:

{% raw %}
  var clients = "Clients:<ul>{{#client}}<li>{{fn}} {{ln}}" + {{phone}}</li>{{/client}}</ul>";
{% endraw %}