Add Tenant Members

If you are a tenant administrator, you can add colleagues to the tenant and assign them a specific role to allow them access to the Auth0 Dashboard features they need.

When you add new tenant members, you can assign roles that allow them access without putting production applications and sensitive information at risk. You can assign a user more than one role and the permissions will be combined. For further protection, users can turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA). To learn more about which Dashboard features are accessible with each role, read Dashboard Access by Role.

Role Permissions
Admin Read and write access to all resources in the Auth0 Dashboard.
Editor - Specific Apps Read and write access to specific applications only.
Editor - Connections Read, write, and create access to all types of connections.
Editor - Users User management operations (create, delete, block, unblock, reset MFA, reset password, update metadata, assign roles, etc.) and access to logs.
Editor - Organizations Read, write, and create access to Organization configuration. Read-only access to Users, Roles, and Connections.
Viewer - Users Read-only access to users and logs.
Viewer - Config Settings Read-only access to all configuration settings (applications, APIs, rules, security settings, etc.) except for sensitive information such as secrets, billing, users, and logs.
Support Access - Deprecated Access to tickets (submit, view, and update) and aggregated metrics.
Elevated Support Access Read, write, and create access to all support tickets created by all users on a tenant. Access to aggregated metrics.

Availability varies by Auth0 plan and login method

Both your specific login implementation and your Auth0 plan or custom agreement affect whether this feature is available. To learn more, read Pricing.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Tenant Members.

    Auth0 Tenant Settings Tenant Members Tab
  2. Click Add Member.

  3. On the Add New Tenant Member screen, enter the user's email address and select the roles you would like to assign to them.

    Dashboard Tenant Settings Tenant Members Tab Add Member

  4. Click Invite. Auth0 will send an email to the user with a link for them to click to accept the invitation. Before the user accepts the invitation, they will appear in the Invitations list as pending. If you click the ... you will see Remove invitation or Copy invitation link.

Missing tenants

Users can create Auth0 accounts in different ways. For example, they can sign up with a social provider (e.g., Google, GitHub), then sign up again using their email address. If your tenant members cannot see all of their tenants after logging in, check to see if they have multiple Auth0 accounts. You can view the signup method used by the Dashboard tenant member by going to Dashboard > Tenant Settings > Tenant Members.

When the invited user clicks the link to accept the invitation, they will be asked to log in with the invited email address. They can then choose whether to log in with a social provider or to log in with their email address and password. If they choose to log in with their email address and password, they must have already created an account with Auth0, or they will need to sign up first and then accept the invitation again.

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