Get Log Information About HooksBeta

Tenants created after July 16, 2018 will not have access to the underlying Webtask Sandbox via the Webtask CLI. Please contact Auth0 to request access.

All of the examples on this page use auth0-profile as the name of the profile. This is the same profile name used when installing wt-cli and can be obtained from Step 2 of the instructions set located on Auth0 Management Dashboard's Webtask page.

You can use the Auth0 CLI to gather information about your Hooks:

  • To get a list of Hooks for a specific extensibility point: auth0 ls -t pre-user-registration -p auth0-default
  • To get a list of Hooks associated with your Auth0 account: auth0 ls -p auth0-default
  • To access logs containing real-time data on your Hooks: auth0 logs -p auth0-default