Using Auth0 as an Identity Provider with GitHub Enterprise

When using GitHub Enterprise, you can configure Auth0 to act as an identity provider.

Configure Your Auth0 Application

Create a new or select an existing Application using the Applications page of the Management Dashboard.

On the row associated with your chosen Application, click on the Addons button, which is the second button from the right on the appropriate Application row.

When the Addons page opens, set the slider in the box called SAML2 WEB APP to the right. The slider will turn green to indicate that the Addon is active.

You will then be presented with the Addon Settings page:

Set the following configuration variables:

  • Application Callback URL: the Assertion consumption URL of your GitHub Exterprise instance;
    • Example: https://your_github_enterprise_url/saml/consume
  • Settings: the URL for your GitHub Enterprise instance set as the audience.
    • Example: { "audience": "https://your_github_enterprise_url" }

You can check the validity of these settings by clicking Debug.

To persist your changes, click Save.

To obtain the values necessary for configuring your GitHub Enterprise account, switch over to the Usage tab.

You will need values/files for the following configuration settings:

  • Issuer;
  • Auth0 Certificate (download this file so that you can upload it to GitHub);
  • Identity Provider Login URL.

Configure Your GitHub Enterprise Account

Log in to your GitHub Enterprise Management Console. You should have a custom URL that follows this format: https:// your_github_enterprise_url:8443/setup/settings.

Navigate to the Authentication section under the Settings page.

Set the following configuration variables:

  • Authentication Type: Set as SAML;
  • Single sign-on URL: Paste the Identity Provider Login URL copied from the Auth0 Dashboard here;
  • Issuer: Paste the Issuer value copied from the Auth0 Dashboard here. The format of the value is urn:<tenant>

Upload the Auth0 Certificate you downloaded under Replace Certificate.

Click Save to persist your changes. Saving automatically restarts your GitHub Enterprise instance. At this point, anyone accessing your GitHub Enterprise will be prompted to sign in with Auth0.