Configure Auth0 as Identity Provider for Oracle Eloqua

These instructions explain how to configure Auth0 to serve as an Identity Provider for Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud.

Configure the Addon: SAML2 Web App

Login to Auth0 dashboard and create a new Application.

Navigate to the Addons tab and enable the SAML2 Web App using the toggle switch.

Application Addons

The Settings window will be displayed. Set the following values:

  • Application Callback URL:

  • Settings:

Note that the audience is set to http://foo. This will be changed when the Identity Provider settings are completed on the Eloqua side.

Click Save.

Go to the Usage tab and download the Identity Provider metadata. This IDP metadata will be used while setting up the configuration in Eloqua.

Download Identity Provider Metadata

Configure Oracle Eloqua

Login as Admin on Eloqua and click on Settings > Users > Single Sign-On > Identity Provider Settings.

Click Upload Identity Provider from Metadata. You should upload here the Identity Provider metadata you downloaded in the previous from the Auth0 dashboard.

Upload Identity Provider Metadata

Browse to find the downloaded metadata file.

Upload Identity Provider Metadata

Edit the newly added identity provider and complete the following steps:

  • Set the User Identity Mapping to Assertion contains the Email Address from the User object and click Save.

  • From the Identity Provider Details copy the Service Provider Entity URL.

  • Within ELOQUA IDP settings, if this is the default IDP, mark this IDP as default.

Update the Audience Restriction

We will now use the Service Provider Entity URL copied from within the IDP settings in Eloqua to set the audience restriction within Auth0.

Navigate to Dashboard > Applications > select your application > Addons > SAML2 Web App > Settings and set the audience to the value you copied.


Login to Eloqua with Auth0 should be enabled now. You can sign in to Eloqua with both IDP initiated login and SP initiated login.

SP Initiated Login

Navigate to , enter your company name and start the SAML login process with Auth0.

Eloqua SP Initiated Login

IdP Initiated Login

For IDP Initiated login use the Identity Provider Login URL defined under the Dashboard > Applications > select your application > Addons > SAML 2 Web App > Usage.

Eloqua IdP Initiated Login