Premier Success Plans

Premier Success Plans Priority Levels

In the event that a Service-affecting issue is detected by Okta or reported by Customer, Okta shall, in its reasonable discretion, categorize the Priority Level pursuant to the criteria below.

Priority level Description Examples
1 A Service failure or severe degradation. Customer is unable to access any business resources. Service is down and not accessible by Users; Service is slowed to such a degree that multiple Users cannot log in, resulting in consistent “page not found errors” or similar.
2 A partial Service failure or mild degradation. Customer is able to access some but not all business resources. Customer lacks write-access to the administrative feature of the Service (excluding regularly scheduled Service upgrades); Users can access the Service, but access is slow, sometimes resulting in “page not found” messages or similar, with access functioning as expected upon page refresh.
3 Minor Service impact. Customer is able to access almost all business resources. Non-critical individual third party applications such as “personal email” are not accessible by all Users; one User is not able to access a business application; Customer is unable to successfully integrate a new business application with the Service.
4 Customer is able to access all business resources. Service feature enhancement request or how-to/product-functionality questions. How-to questions and Service feature enhancement requests.

Premier Success Plans Response Times and Support Hours

Okta will use reasonable efforts to adhere to the following response times pursuant to the Okta Premier Success Plan indicated on the Order Form. Okta may reduce case priority to a lower Priority Level at its discretion. For clarity, Response Time refers to the period of time from when a support case has been submitted by Customer and Okta’s initial response to Customer.

If Customer selects a Priority Level 1 case priority, Customer shall remain accessible (continuous 24x7 availability) for engagement and troubleshooting with Okta support from the time the case is submitted until the issue is mitigated.

Basic Silver Gold
Support Hours 24x5* 24x7 24x7
Priority Level 1 Response Time 2 hours 1 hour 30 minutes
Priority Level 2 Response Time 12 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Priority Level 3 Response Time 24 hours 8 hours 4 hours
Priority Level 4 Response Time 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours

*Okta shall endeavor to meet 24x5 Support Hours (12:01am Monday until 11:59pm Friday local time) for Basic, but reserves the right to reduce Support Hours at its discretion.

Auth0 Enterprise and Premier Support are no longer offered to new customers or customers that have transitioned to a Premier Success Plan.

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