Self Service Support

Self Service Support Features

  • Answer questions concerning usage issues related to CIC specific features, options and configurations

  • Provide initial and high-level suggestions regarding the appropriate usage, features, or solution configurations for the particular type of reporting, analysis, or functionality

  • Isolate, document, and find alternative solutions for reported Defects

  • Work with Okta Operations, Product, Software Development, and QA staff to submit Change Requests, Enhancement Requests, and provide Fixes for CIC as necessary

  • Address customer concerns with online or printed documentation, providing additional examples or explanation for concepts requiring clarification

  • Access to online release notes for Updates

  • Access to Okta’s online library of support webinars and knowledgebase

  • Access to Okta’s Customer Community forums to collaborate with fellow Okta customers

Self Service Defect Severity Levels 

Okta will assign Defects one of the four Severity Level priorities, depending upon the resulting impact caused by the Defect. Okta may re-assign a Severity Level prioritization to Customer in the trouble ticketing system, based on the descriptions below. Okta’s assignment will be consistent with the Severity Level descriptions below. Severity Level categories are as follows:

Severity Level Description
1 (urgent) Emergency Issue; Defect resulting in full or partial system outage or a condition that makes CIC unusable or unavailable in production for all of Customer’s Users.
2 (high) Significant Business Impact; Defect resulting in a condition where major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced; issue is persistent and affects many Users and/or major functionality.
3 (normal) Minor Feature / Function Issue / General Question; Defect results in a component of CIC not performing as expected or documented. An inquiry by Customer representatives regarding general technical issues/questions.
4 (low) Minor Problem / Enhancement Request; Information requested on CIC capabilities, navigation, installation, or configuration; enhancement request.

Self Service Defect Response 

The priority of a Defect will determine the timing and nature of the response as specified in the table below:

Defect Severity Level Target Response Time (Self Service Support ) Solution Definition (one or more of the following)
1 (urgent) 3 business hours • Issue is resolved
• Workaround is provided
• Fix is provided
• Fix incorporated into future release
2 (high) 12 business hours • Issue is resolved
• Workaround is provided
• Fix is provided
• Fix incorporated into future release
3 (medium) 1 business day • Issue is resolved
• Workaround is provided
• Fix incorporated into future release
• Answer to question is provided
4 (low) 2 business days • Answer to question is provided
• Enhancement request logged

Support Hours

Okta’s Self Service Support hours for Defects is 6 AM to 6 PM Customer local time, Monday to Friday for all Severity Levels.