Create Users Using the Dashboard

You can manually create users via the Dashboard.

  1. Log in and open up the Dashboard. Navigate to the Users tab.

  1. Click on the Create User button near the top right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Provide the following information for the new user:

    • Email: The user's email address. The maximum length is 64 characters for the user/local part and 256 characters for the domain part.
    • Password: The user's password. There is no maximum limit for password length. For more information, refer to Password Strength in Auth0 Database Connections.
    • Repeat Password: Confirm password.
    • Connection: The database connection to use to authenticate the user. The dropdown lists all the configured database connections in your tenant. The connection you use must be associated with an application.
  2. When finished, click Save to create the new user.

The connection you use must be associated with an application, otherwise you will receive an error message that says, The connection is disabled. You can enable connections for Applications from the Dashboard, in Application Settings > Connections, or from the Connection Settings > Applications.

At this point, the user is created, and you will be directed to the newly-created user's profile.

Pending Users

The User Details page will show pending when a user is first created until they have logged in for the first time.

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