Manage User Access to Applications

All users associated with a single Auth0 tenant are shared between the tenant's applications (and therefore have access to the applications). To keep users separate and restrict their access, we recommend creating an additional tenant:

  1. Click on tenant name on top right of the dashboard and select + Create Tenant . If you have multiple tenants, you can easily switch between them from the tenants menu.

  2. To restrict some users' access to certain applications, you can use rules. Inside a rule, the context.clientName and context.clientID variables are available to check which application the user is using for login. See this rule for an example.

  3. To restrict users from applications by configuring a new connection and only giving access to a specific application.

    • Go to the the Settings section for a connection.
    • Click on the Applications tab and enable/disable any application.
  4. To disable users' access to your applications, you can block and unblock users in the Dashboard.

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