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4 Ways to Strengthen Identity Authentication for Technical Roles

Advanced facial biometrics can enhance Auth0 MFA workflows to provide secure authentication experiences that simplify common challenges for technical roles.

Last Updated On: March 23, 2022

On a daily basis, CIAM professionals battle data breaches, account compromise, ransomware, and fraud. In 2021, digital fraud rates increased 22%, ransomware rates increased 62%, data breach rates increased 17%, — and cybercriminals shifted to softer targets with more valuable data and motivation for ransom payout. Huge shifts in remote work, distance learning, telemedicine, and BYOD trends also added layers of complexity as organizations struggled to protect systems and data.

These trends illustrate the complex CIAM challenges facing technical roles in B2B, B2C, and B2E environments. Developers, engineers, systems architects who are responsible for CIAM and fraud prevention will find this post most valuable, as we will discuss how facial biometric authentication can strengthen identity assurance while simplifying challenges in implementation, operations costs, security needs, and CX expectations.

Facial Biometric Authentication

Facial Biometric Authentication can help technical roles secure enterprise assets while simplifying the user experience.

Finding the right balance between user convenience, privacy, and security is today’s biggest challenge for developers. CIAM is a convergence of IAM, fraud detection, and authentication tools that are used for controlling user access by both internal users (your workforce) and external users (your customers). However, according to Gartner, no single tool can deliver on all the identity administration, fraud detection, access management, content management, and analytics needed to build out a holistic solution.

As a result, technical roles are left cobbling together solutions that may leave gaps in security or may increase friction in user experience that requires additional investment to remedy. Advanced facial biometric authentication seamlessly woven into the Auth0 login workflow can provide the needed balance between a frictionless user experience and protection against password-related fraud, phishing, and account takeover.

4 Ways to Leverage Auth0 and Advanced Facial Biometric Authentication to Strengthen CIAM

Auth0 simplifies biometric multi-factor authentication for the technical teams responsible for implementing CIAM strategies and tools. This simplification is delivered in four main areas.

  • Easy Implementation with Broad Solution Support
  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction
  • Improved Security and Fraud Reduction
  • Enhanced User Experience

Easy Implementation with Broad Solution Support

Users today shop, play and work using a broad range of mobile devices and desktop computers, and operating systems. So technical roles need a strong authentication solution that is device-agnostic and capable of supporting everyone interacting with your platform. Biometric authentication that offers portability without being tied to a specific device, an authenticator fob, or an authenticator app also provides the right balance between enhanced platform security and increased user satisfaction and adoption.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Operational inefficiencies caused by complex authentication experiences impact customer loyalty and workforce productivity, with negative impacts on revenue and profits as businesses move slower and customers are lost. B2B, B2C, and B2E focused organizations using Auth0 can improve operational efficiencies and reduce related costs with authentication solutions that are applicable for many use cases across multiple devices. To simplify CIAM for technical roles - focus on finding a solution for user authentication that can serve internal, external, and developer use cases. Facial biometrics can support authentication use cases, including online or mobile app login, chat or call center support, as well as strong authentication for valued transactions and account activity. Also, remember solutions that require complex maintenance should be avoided in lieu of a solution that simplifies administration requires no additional hardware, training, or mental burden on behalf of the user.

Improved Security and Fraud Reduction

Advanced facial biometric authentication reduces the risk of account misuse and takeover by requiring the live face of a registered user as a factor for authentication and a condition for access. Even in the event of password or credential compromise, advanced facial biometrics will stop unauthorized access from occurring. Facial biometric multi-factor authentication addresses many fraud-related concerns, including the ability to stop account takeover and quickly authenticate the validity of transactions flagged for manual review.

Enhanced User Experience

Including advanced facial biometrics as a factor for authentication within your Auth0 workflow delivers a sophisticated digital experience by balancing strong authentication with customer expectations of low friction authentication and easy access. Today’s users—whether they are shopping, working, or banking – sitting on the train or at their desks are demanding portability with less friction. Advanced biometric authentication eases the user burden as there is no need to download additional software or employ multiple devices for authentication.


When evaluating CIAM tools to reduce friction in or further secure your MFA workflow, consider Verified CloudConnect—the ideal bolt-on integration for Auth0. Verified™ CloudConnect delivers fortified, in-browser biometric authentication—supported across all mobile and desktop devices used to access enterprise data and resources. At login or for any transaction you deem to require additional identity assurance, the Verified browser-based UX adds an additional factor of authentication – a live selfie. Verified analysis of the selfie in real-time for biometric matching and liveness, defending user accounts from deep fakes and other spoofing attempts.

Verified CloudConnect is a flexible, drop-in solution that seamlessly extends the Auth0 Identity Platform to secure B2B, B2C, and B2E environments without additional authentication hardware, mobile apps, or single-use pin-codes. As Gartner has noted – no one single vendor can deliver for all aspects of identity and access management. Adding a tool like Verified CloudConnect for Auth0 will improve user experience, thereby increasing user adoption and retention. Deployed easily with a simple line of code, Verified enhances your current security stack while reducing operational costs and overall solution complexity.

Ready to get started with Verified CloudConnect for Auth0? Visit listing on the Auth0 Marketplace for more information.

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