Do you find yourself visiting a lot to debug your tokens? Then you'll love what we have in store for you: as a Chrome extension with extra features!

"Debug JWTs from your browser with our new extension:"

A New Chrome Extension

We noticed many users rely on to debug their JWTs. And with good reason! The colored visual editor is intuitive and has support for both HMAC and RSA signed JWTs. So we thought: what if we made this available offline for all users with a few extra features? So our new Chrome extension was born.


  • Visual JWT editor with coloring: JWT Debugger

  • Support for HS256 (HMAC + SHA256) signed JWTs: JWT Debugger HS256 support

  • Support for RS256 (RSA) signed JWTs: JWT Debugger RS256 support

  • Load and save JWTs in cookies and web storage from the current tab: JWT Debugger load from cookies/web storage

  • Get a shareable URL for your JWTs: JWT Debugger shareable URL

Try it out now and give us your feedback! Can you think of any other features you'd love to have? Tell us below in the comments or through Chrome's Web Store.