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Auth0 Lock Is Here For Both B2C And B2B Login

With just one login box, Lock is a hub for all your users

November 03, 2016

Medical hubs have to be secure above all else. With test results, data, and other medical documents, information is sensitive and should only be seen by the right people. Most medical hubs will create a series of sites, each with their own login options, to ensure specific access rights and the security of this information.

This is not only confusing for users, but creates a clunky and unappealing system for patients.

Last year, Harvard Medical School launched the revolutionary online hub for the Undiagnosed Disease Network (UDN) with Auth0's Lock. Through the UDN, anyone can create an account and find out if they're suffering from an undiagnosed disease. And, thanks to Lock, administrators and physicians from around the country can also log into the same portal to access the data that's been created.

Lock give patients easy access, while also keeping their medical data secure and accessible only to select clinicians.

Instead of creating a series of portals—one for your clients, one of your employees, one for your providers, and on and on—Lock connects all your login boxes through one embeddable widget. From a single login panel, every single type of user you have can get where they need to go.

Different lock connections

What Is Lock?

Lock is a versatile login box that can be used for clients, partners, providers, employees and more to log in to your apps. Within it, you can use social login, passwordless login, single sign-on, or a combination of all three to enter your app.

Through social login, users can log on safely and securely via their preferred platform, like Facebook for customers and GitHub for developers. Lock will even handle creating new users, so from one hub you can log users in and sign them up for your app.

Another selectable option for Lock, Passwordless Login uses “magic links” sent via SMS and email, both of which require the user to either have the connected device in hand or have access to the listed email. This makes Passwordless Login more secure than typical login methods.

For companies that have both B2C and B2B relationships, like the UDN, Lock provides secure and fast login for all types of users from a central location.

Auth0 Lock is Built for B2C and B2B Apps

Lock provides login for both B2C and B2B purposes. You can use Lock to sign clients in quickly, develop a special login for preferred users, or keep all your crucial internal documents secure for your employees.

Log Your Customers In With Ease

When the UDN installed Lock on their app, they did so to allow their patients easy access to their medical records. To make the process as smooth as possible, the used social login.

UDN Lock

Social login with API integrations is perfect for customer-facing businesses since customers prefer it to regular login—all they need to do is click a button to enter the site.

For UDN patients, social login means they can access their forms and test results easily. Simply by clicking the button for Facebook, they're already looking at their test results without pages and pages of logins and security questions many medical hubs require.

Use Enterprise Login To Securely Sign Your Employees In

While patients used Lock to access the UDN, clinicians used it also to access the forms and medical records of their patients. Within this group of clinicians were administrators, researchers, and doctors all with different access rights to the data collected on the UDN. Through Lock, they could enter their usernames and passwords to enter the site.

Lock allowed Harvard Medical School to differentiate between these users as soon as they logged in and all from one central hub. Based on their login information, they were ushered to different sites that suited their work needs. This made the research work the UDN conducted more efficient and made Harvard's sites more usable.

For business-facing companies, Lock allows you to give backend login to your employees, providers, and partners all at the same time. You can use the same login widget your customers use for this.

Auth0 makes it easy for businesses to customize the secure login of Lock by providing access via business emails, developer tools, and enterprise login like through Google Apps. You can also use other databases like SQL to log in. All of this can be configured via your Auth0 Management Dashboard.

Auth0's Lock Improves Customer Experience

Lock handles both your business and customer-facing needs at the same time and doesn't take much code to do it. From the Auth0 Management Dashboard, you can select every customizable option from social platforms to personalization all by checking or unchecking a box.

Building your own login widget is time-consuming and costly. Beyond developing the UI to handle these different login options cleanly, Auth0 already has the partnerships set up with social and enterprise platforms to ensure secure login.

Lock ensures security and improves customer experience. It will make your product easier to use and keep customers coming back.

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