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Auth0 ROI

Auth0 ROI: How Are You Calculating Your Build Formula?

Factor in the cost of time to market, roadmap changes, accreditation, as well as security and customization ease

February 25, 2019

If you're building your own identity solution, how are you calculating your build formula? You've probably scoped labor and initial dev costs, but our customers tell us that customization and getting to market faster than the competition while eliminating ongoing maintenance, identity-related security, and accreditation costs are some of the reasons why they choose Auth0.

"Building identity is complex. Getting a strong ROI while tailoring it to your needs doesn’t have to be — with @Auth0."


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Time to Market

We've had customers with complex projects tell us they've chosen Auth0 after doing a rapid proof-of-concept (POC) while waiting for months for our competitors to scope the work. Since we were built for developers, by developers, we've done the hard work to simplify the complexity of identity. That said, our customers often take on exciting customization challenges, but still manage to beat their competitors to market by taking advantage of Auth0's out-of-the-box features that can be easily customized by their team or with the help of our professional services team. We're just able to get them to market faster.

"We would have had to probably delay the projects at least six months to get to a point where we are with Auth0. To implement Auth0, we are talking days, not even weeks," says Nicolas Dormont, Vice President of Information Systems, abas USA and Corporate Product Manager, abas AG.

Innovation Costs

Having to rip and replace because you find yourself locked into a solution that isn't flexible enough to adapt to a business-mandated change to your roadmap six months after launch can be expensive. Auth0's flexibility and extensibility means you can write your own code or use one of our 100+ pre-built Rules and Extensions to provide an easy route to customization, saving both talent and time without the need to rely on an army of professional services staff — or let a vendor dictate your customization.

"There's a real fine line between building features that customers ask for and providing features that take a leap beyond that and provide an exceptional experience to the customer that they didn't know they could get. Auth0 is innovating in that space and looking at better ways to provide more convenient authentication to customers while reducing security concerns for us and them," says Ansarada's Chief Systems and Security Officer Steven Rogers


Last year Ponemon reported $3.86 million as the average cost of a security breach, but was pre-GDPR. Consequences plus additional data privacy regulations mean that breaches are just going to get more expensive — and even if you aren't breached, you need to factor in the potential cost of non-compliance (Google was recently fined $57 million for not following GDPR regulations).

Have you factored in the time to build active security features for your customers like anomaly detection or brute force protection as well as deal with bugs and vulnerabilities introduced by work-arounds? Auth0's ready-made platform lets you securely customize the authentication process.

You can also add on Enterprise grade Security features such as 24/7 eyes on glass security monitoring without the overhead of standing up a large internal or outsourced Security Operations Center (SOC).

Auth0 takes protecting our customers identity transactions seriously. "We invest heavily in our Security team, building out a cutting edge programme and hiring talented engineers who want to build the security of a security company" says Auth0 Senior Director of Security Duncan Godfrey.

And that adds up to an effective effort for our customers. "The cost to build the identity solution ourselves would have been significant. We're getting at least 50% ROI on the investment just for security alone," says fuboTV Co-Founder Sung Ho Choi.

The Cost of Accreditation

Certifications like SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 require an upfront investment to achieve the accreditation plus yearly costs to maintain it. "Most Fortune 500 companies won't sign deals if you don't have the applicable certifications," says Auth0 Senior Manager of Governance Risk and Compliance Adam Nunn. "Yearly tooling costs can vary from organization to organization, ranging from $25,000 to multi-millions, depending on the size of the org."

Auth0 invests yearly on third-party auditors, salaries for the staff who make sure we're compliant, and internal compliance tools (excluding engineering tools and/or tools deployed for security purposes), and continually improving our processes — eliminating both certification worry and cost for our customers.


Auth0's return-on-investment (ROI) numbers can seem eye-popping for companies used to lengthy proof-of-concept (POC) processes and heavy professional services engagements. We do recommend professional services to help you get to market faster and resolve complex identity challenges, but a long engagement isn't necessarily required.

"Doing what Auth0 does in-house would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, and that's just to manage the service and keep it running. To roll out additional features, that cost would rise directly in proportion to the number of features we would want to add and how many developers we would need to make it happen. Anytime Auth0 releases a feature, that's something we don't have to do ourselves. Ultimately, that benefits not only us, but the hotel customers that rely on us to continue supporting them through our own enhancements and innovations," says Mike Rogers, CTO and Co-Founder of SiteMinder.

If you'd like to have us to factor your identity-related ROI with Auth0, please reach out to

"Building your own identity? Are you sure you’ve factored in all the costs that will lead to a strong ROI? Learn how @auth0 can help."


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