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Comparing Different Plans from Auth0 by Okta

Let’s walk through how to select an Auth0 pricing plan.

January 16, 2024

Auth0 by Okta offers customizable pricing plans, which means you can select a plan based on the features that you find useful. Let’s walk through how to select the right plan and how to upgrade your plan:

  1. Head to
  2. Select your use case: B2B or B2C
  3. Click the “Compare Plans” button under the pricing boxes.

Selecting a Use Case:

Let’s dive into the use cases. If you’re not sure about whether your product falls into the B2B or B2C plans, think of your end-users:

  • Apps built for individual consumers would be considered B2C (your favorite social media app)
  • Apps built for cross-team collaboration or HR management - where the users are part of a team or organization - would be considered B2B (your team’s project management app)

Auth0’s B2B plan includes features on top of the B2C plan, so if your application caters to both individual consumers and businesses, you would select B2B.

Selecting a Use Case

Evaluating Features

Once you’ve clicked the “Compare Plans” button under the pricing boxes, you can see a feature comparison table and click on the various drop-downs to view the comprehensive list of features. Review which features you are currently using or plan to use. You can hover over or click on the features to learn more about them.

Checking Feature Usage

To check which features you’re currently using, you can refer to the Quota Utilization page on Auth0 Support Center and select a tenant.

Checking Feature Usage

Checking Feature Usage

Understanding Connections

Social Connections and Enterprise Connections are both identity providers that your users might already have accounts with. Setting up a Connection reduces the friction for your users when they sign up or log into your app.

Social Connections include providers like Facebook and Twitter. Enterprise Connections include providers like Azure Active Directory or Okta Workforce.

You can see the full list of Connections on the Auth0 Marketplace. All paid plans include unlimited Social Connections, whereas Enterprise Connections are only available on paid B2B Plans and Enterprise Plans.

Understanding Connections

Signing up for a Plan:

You can start with any plan and upgrade when your usage increases. To sign up for a plan directly, head over to your Auth0 Dashboard Settings and open the Subscriptions tab. There, you can add your payment details and select your plan.

If you decide to upgrade to the Enterprise plan or want to chat with someone before making a decision, you can reach out to our Sales team.

Signing up for a Plan

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