WS-Federation has been supported in Auth0 for quite some time. After all, it is the protocol used by SharePoint, MS-CRM, Rights Management Server, all of them supported by Auth0 from the very beginning. Not surprisignly, WS-Fed is primarly a Microsoft centered protocol.

We have now opened up the protocol to any app, by adding a WS-FED application type. We expect it will be used mostly by developers in the Microsoft platform using Windows Identity Foundation.

With this, you can do protocol transition between WS-Fed and any of the supported identity providers in Auth0 regardless of what protocol they implement: SAML-P, OpenID, OAuth2, OAuth1, databases, etc.

So, for example, you can authenticate users in Salesforce (using OAuth2), or Twitter (Oauth1) and send back SAML tokens to your WIF based apps seamlessly.

How to use it?

Go to Applications and create a new "WS-Fed (WIF) Web App", enter a couple parameters and your done!

All common parameters are readily available. We also provide a metadata endpoint for importing this directly into the app (e.g. "Add STS Reference" in Visual Studio).

We also provide the entire web.config section that you can paste into your apps.

Try Auth0 yourself!