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How We Achieve 241% YOY Growth in EMEA

Why Auth0 is succeeding in a diverse region of cultures, languages, and regulatory requirements

June 03, 2019

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the EMEA Blog Takeover, where our EMEA employees take over the Auth0 blog to share success stories from the region. This week, you’ll meet our thought leaders across the pond, discover some of our most compelling use cases, and read about the trends that influence how we do business.

We grew 241% in Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018 in EMEA. Nearly 30% of that growth came from expansion, which is a direct result of our stellar and growing Customer Success team. We drove more pipeline through the channel and more PR coverage through the media. We set goals in key areas, and we delivered on them.

There’s a massive amount of teamwork that goes on here every day, but I want to touch on three areas that are particularly critical to our success: freedom and space to grow; a localized approach; and a London hub.

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Nearly 30% of Auth0’s Business, with Freedom and Space to Grow

I’m very fortunate that I work with a group of people who recognize they’re based in America, and they need expertise in other markets. They’ve recruited a team that’s very European, with good diversity across the region, and trust them to build a scalable, and sustainable business. We have an appropriate amount of autonomy to make decisions, and it has paid off.

"Auth0 grew 241% in Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018 in EMEA."


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In 2017, from an EMEA perspective, we accounted for between 18-20% of the business. Now, we’re creeping up toward 30%, working with enterprise customers like Whitbread, The Economist Group, and Nando’s.

Auth0 2018 Revenue by Geography

Auth0 2018 Revenue by Geography

A Localized Approach for Each Unique Market

Europe is not one region, and we recognize the need and strength of diversity to properly address local markets. We know the markets well, and we have a good set of skills that have helped us reach out to those markets and develop them appropriately. We recently launched a German version of our website, use European laws as opposed to US laws on our contracts, and generally embrace all the things that make us more European friendly.

We have people all across Europe with local language skills. Having someone just down the road who speaks your language, and can share success stories from other customers in the area that you can benefit from as an organization, is priceless. Local knowledge allows you to offer something above software sales and truly add value to the organization, much more than a supplier can.

"Auth0 recently launched a German version of their website -"


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So far this year, we’ve added more than 20 new employees in EMEA. Here are some of our recent hires.

A Truly European Business with a London Hub

We hire the best talent regardless of location, and our employees live all over the world. At the same time, we have headquarter offices in Seattle, London, Buenos Aires, Sydney, and Tokyo. We are remote-friendly, but it's important that we also provide spaces where people can come together and work face-to-face.

Over the last few years, software companies have migrated from along the M4 corridor, back into the center of London. It's a hotbed of talent: people who don't have cars, but have fresh ideas, and want to be involved in innovative, fast-growing organizations, as opposed to the old behemoths.

Sitting in London, particularly on the Waterloo side, where coworking spaces are springing up every day, is a distinct advantage for recruiting. And whether we're hosting our colleagues from Seattle, or a customer day, it's easy to get to us in Central London – and conversely, it's easy for us to get to our customers, whether via train, plane, or other means.

As a company, we chose London to tap into the energy. We favor experimentation, innovation, and the people who come with new ideas, wanting to contribute, and make a difference, versus showing up to grind through a day's work.

We hope you’ll want to join Auth0 as an employee, customer, or partner. There are so many areas where we continue to get better and do more, and we’re looking to hire more talented people for our team.

Want to join the Auth0 team in EMEA? Visit our Careers page here.

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