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I Stand with All Asians

Auth0’s CEO on his commitment to #StopAsianHate

April 15, 2021

I signed a pledge to Stand with Asian Americans. In doing so, I join more than 7,000 business leaders and executives who are dedicated to fighting for change and supporting the Asian community—a community that has tragically experienced an unacceptable increase in hate, harassment, and violence in the past year.

I believe that words matter and that actions matter even more. We are what we do. Vitriolic language labeling the global pandemic as the “China virus” or “Kung flu” has triggered and emboldened those who subscribe to hateful thinking and reinforced the systemic racism that we witness far too often with underrepresented groups.

Racism has been a shameful part of history, but the past year, in particular, has made it abundantly clear how much it is part of our present. As an immigrant who came to the U.S. from Argentina nearly 20 years ago, it pains me that the country I love and call home has such division and hatred. Even while writing this, the tragedy of Daunte Wright leaves me speechless, and once again, underscores the systemic racism that is so profoundly entrenched.

But I have hope. I believe that there is still plenty of good, that people desire change, and strive for a more equitable and kind society now and for generations to come. In order for this to become a reality, we all must take part in affecting change, even if small, because silence and indifference make you complicit. At a minimum, do the work to learn, share knowledge with those in your life, and take action.

Inclusivity is something I am passionate about. It has been a tenet of Auth0’s since our inception in 2013 and is the foundation for our social impact organization. Whether it’s inclusivity for technology access or for marginalized groups within any institution, we as company leaders have a responsibility to offer inclusive access to our products and services, inclusive workplaces, as well as a responsibility to demand fair and equitable treatment of our employees inside and outside the office.

It’s much easier said than done, but we have to start somewhere, and there is great power in numbers. Thousands have signed the pledge thus far, and that alone signals commitment. I signed the pledge not only because I wholeheartedly stand with the Asian community but also because it represents a commitment to clear and meaningful action. We are taking action, too:

  • Financial commitment: The leaders who started this pledge committed to donating $10M in the next year to Asian support groups. We will also continue to promote and match all contributions our employees make to community-based organizations fighting anti-Asian hate through our online giving platform.
  • Support and awareness: Communication, community, and awareness are critical for enacting change. One of the ways we support our Asian employees is with an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that provides a safe forum for open communication, connection, and support. It is one of many ERGs at Auth0 that I’m proud to say are mainly employee-driven and maintained.
  • Volunteer: We know there is also power in giving our time, energy, and gifts to causes we care about. As such, we encourage our employees to volunteer in their local communities or with specific organizations that can be found through our online giving platform.
  • Representation: Being Asian is representative of a broad and diverse group of peoples, nations, and cultures. We believe all should be represented across all levels at Auth0. We are in the process of identifying ways to responsibly collect and manage data necessary for diversity reporting.

As CEO and as an individual, I bear the responsibility to formally join this commitment and encourage my fellow employees, industry associates, and leaders to do the same. It is every human’s right to feel safe and free. We know there is much to do, and we will never stop working to make Auth0 and this world better for all marginalized people.

Silence makes you complicit. Speak up and take action.

"Silence makes you complicit. Speak up and take action."


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For more information on the pledge and to sign, please go to Stand with Asian Americans. The donations from this pledge will support these worthy organizations:

  • StopAAPIHate allows victims to report and document hate incidents, which is critical because hate crimes against Asians have historically been underreported.
  • AAPI Women Lead and NAPAWF recognize that the fight for Asian American justice is intersectional, and therefore protect and support Asian American women.
  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a national network with a presence in Atlanta, defends those impacted by hate crimes and ensures that they have proper legal representation. Their work empowers Asian Americans and creates a more just America for all.
  • Association for Asian American Studies conducts research and education on the causes and solutions to Asian racism.
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