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Announcing Auth0’s Social Impact Program for Secure, Inclusive Access

The launch of and our ongoing commitment to philanthropy

September 30, 2020

Today is the starting point of a significant journey for Auth0. We are excited to announce the launch of, our social impact program that is committed to secure, inclusive access for all. Extending our company mission of ‘Secure Access for Everyone’ (SAFE), is dedicated to various philanthropic efforts, including secure access to technology and equal access to education.

When Matias Woloski and I started Auth0 in 2013, we had high hopes but could never have expected (and only wished for) the journey we have experienced thus far. Our team has grown to more than 700 employees, our customer and partner base has increased, and we continue to expand into new markets. The trajectory of our company often makes me reflect on all the amazing people and companies that have supported us along the way.

Now, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the global community. As a more mature company, we have a responsibility to leverage our product, resources, knowledge, and reach to support the amazing nonprofit organizations and social enterprises around the world that are using technology as a force for good. Technology is a powerful change agent—used for good and bad—and it is up to all of us to use these powerful tools in the most beneficial ways possible. We are launching with three main programs to achieve this: Auth0 for Nonprofits, the Auth0 SAFE Fund, and Auth0 Employee Giving.

Making a meaningful impact is at the heart of Auth0 and giving programs have been a part of our culture since our early days as a tiny startup. Auth0 Gives has been our internal program for giving back to the community with our donations, our time, and our commitment to doing good. We have also launched programs like Startup Relief for qualifying companies most affected by COVID-19. A culmination of more than seven years in the making, and with a greater need accentuated by the pandemic and current social issues, we are extremely proud to expand the work that we have been doing with Auth0 Gives and launch reflects our strong belief that inclusivity and broad access to knowledge and education are core tenets to prosperity and progress, unlocking human potential, and elevating the human experience.

By leveraging the reach, support, and products of Auth0, will facilitate various philanthropic efforts that align with the program’s goal of connecting and improving the lives of people worldwide, regardless of location, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, or religion.

We are grateful for our launch partners Pledge 1% and Tides Foundation for their help in executing our mission and fulfilling our long-term commitment to affect positive change. We will pledge 1% of our equity towards social causes over the next 10 years and will lean on the counsel of Tides to identify the organizations that align with our mission and are in the greatest need.

Now, more than ever is time to give back. I am personally invested in and am dedicated to supporting its depth and reach to help as many people as possible as the program grows. We invite anyone who is willing to collaborate, give feedback, or participate in any way to reach out to We would love to hear from you.

We look forward to joining forces with nonprofits and social enterprises around the world to make even more powerful change, together.

Secure Access for Everyone.

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