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Improve Auth0 with the new Feedback Page

Please help us improve Auth0 via our new Feedback Page

September 21, 2018

We’ve made Auth0 a stronger product by listening to our customers. Rather than limit those moments, we wanted to give you the opportunity to let us know how we’re doing 24/7, so we’ve created a new feedback page where you can tell us what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better.

"Announcing our new @auth0 feedback page. Stop by and let us know how we’re doing!"


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Focus Feedback on Use Case/Problem Space

Over time, we’ve learned that our engineers can resolve customer challenges faster when they fully understand the specific problem and/or gain a thorough description of the use case. While we really enjoy chatting through solutions and new feature ideas, we’ve found that focusing on the problem space makes this process much more effective. Also, the more context you can provide the better. Please include: Company, tenant name, related ticket numbers, and if you’ve had discussions with support.

What Happens Next?

Although you won’t receive an automatic response, our Product team will do its best to reach out via email to let you know that your feedback has been received, and possibly ask follow-up questions or arrange a call to discuss your use case or problem further. Please know that while every piece of feedback will be read, submission of feedback doesn’t necessarily ensure action.

However, we will be reviewing feedback for patterns and mapping ideas so that we can draw on customer insights as we continue to develop the Auth0 platform. Should we release a feature that a customer has been requesting, we will notify everyone who has submitted related feedback. This notification might come as a dashboard notification or via a feature-related blog post.

"With your help, we can make @auth0 even more effective! Please visit our new feedback page"


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We’re looking forward to learning what you have to say. Again, the link to the feedback page can be found here.

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