Today at Microsoft Build, an integration with Azure Event Grid was announced. This new integration makes it easy to send Auth0 log events to any Azure service without writing any code, unlocking possibilities for serverless workflows, complex analytics, and system automation leveraging the Azure ecosystem.

What Is Azure Event Grid?

Azure Event Grid is an event bus. It collects data from multiple sources, such as servers, applications, or third party tools (like Auth0), and routes them to Azure services like Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps to make it easy to develop serverless workflows, system automation, and distributed applications.

Auth0 and Event Grid

The Auth0/Event grid integration makes it easy to route Auth0 log events into the Azure ecosystem. For businesses using Auth0 and Azure, this integration will allow them to seamlessly integrate data across their entire stack. Here is a quick overview of the use cases this integration unlocks:


Engage With Your Users

Delivering strong user experience is critical to reducing churn and retaining users. Using Azure Functions and Logic Apps with Auth0 authorization, you can deliver more customized application experiences. For example, use this integration to create a product onboarding flow for first-time logins. Or increase user engagement by highlighting product areas that would be of interest to them based on their login behavior.

Understand User Behavior

Understanding when users access your product, where they are signed in from, and what devices they use are important pieces of information that can drive your product development. By keeping track of these signals, via the log events emitted by Auth0, you can develop an understanding of the product areas that you should be paying attention to. These signals can help you determine what browsers and devices to support, what languages to consider localizing your app in, and when your peak application traffic times are. Using Azure Streaming Analytics and Event Hubs to uncover business intelligence, create dashboards, and utilize ML Insights.

Manage User Data

Retaining and auditing user actions is crucial for maintaining security and complying with industry regulations. Besides, the ability to edit, remove, or export user data upon request is becoming increasingly important to comply with various data privacy laws, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By sending Auth0 log events to Event Grid, it is easy to develop the appropriate workflows and automation to retain audit trails and remain compliant. For example, you can store your audit trail in Event Hubs Capture.

Secure Your Application

Consolidating security monitoring and incident response procedures are important when protecting a distributed system. For this reason, it is important to keep all the data in one place and monitor the entire stack. Using Event Grid, it is easy to consulate Auth0 monitoring into your Azure Sentinel service.

Learn More

Using Azure Event Grid with Auth0 amplifies the possibilities for customization and protection of the end user experience. Learn how to set up the integration here, or sign up for a free Auth0 trial.

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