We are moving from the deprectad Google Apps Provisioning API to the new Google Apps Directory API.

__This will affect you only if you are using Google Apps and the /users endpoints of Auth0.

Google Apps Provisioning API has been deprectated few months ago, on the other hand the new API has some advantages like providing a public link for the profile photo and having more granular scopes.

Previously permisive scope:

Previously permisive scope

New granular scope:

New granular scope

In order to have access to this API enable the "Admin SDK" service in the Google API Console as follows:


New Google Apps Connections will automatically use this new API and pre-existing connections will need to be re-provisioned by following the provisioning link. If you are the domain administrator follow this link, if not copy and send the link to the domain admin:

Until you have done this step, the /users endpoint will return only the users that have signed in to your app at least once.