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Zero To Launch

“Pre-release Program, Zero To Launch, Blasts Off!”

“Auth0 introduces pre-release program, Zero To Launch, giving qualifying customers exclusive early access to new features and functionality.”

November 11, 2015

The pace of innovation in this new world of always-on cloud services is phenomenal. At Auth0 we live and breathe it everyday – continually releasing updates, service enhancements and amazing new features.

"The pace of innovation in this new world of always-on cloud services is phenomenal."


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More often than not these improvements to our service stem from the way our customers and partners use our platform. This eco-system continually challenges us with new use cases, scenarios and requirements - customers, technology partners and solution providers themselves pushing to drive innovation in what they do. Frankly, it makes me pretty excited!

3…2…1… Zero To Launch

That’s why today I’m pleased to announce our new pre-release program, Zero To Launch. This program will give qualifying customers and partners exclusive early access to new service enhancements and features plus support and resources to get things happening. It’s seems a fitting way to continually give more value back to the incredible eco-system of customers and partners who challenge us to do more.

Of course, during the pre-release period, we’ll be eagerly listening out for your feedback and gaining a deeper understanding of how you’re using the new features. It’ll help us make final tweaks to UI and documentation as well as helping our engineering and support teams prepare for general availability. This isn’t beta testing – features released through Zero To Launch can be used in your live projects.

What’s in it For You?

I haven’t met too many devs, system architects or even just general technology types who don’t love getting their hands on something new. You can expect to gain knowledge, to be first and to create something new. It’s a chance to work with like minded people who enjoy pushing the boundaries to create something better. In fact, we’re developing a recognition and rewards component to ensure you’re honored for your valuable contributions…you could be our first Auth0 MVP!

From a business perspective, it also allows you to look forward and plan – maybe fix a problem, unlock new ways of working, remove a blocker from an existing project or interact with customers in new and different ways.

Mission 1: API Authorization-as-a-Service

In launching the program, we’re also launching availability of the first pre-release feature. If you have an API that stores data from users or exposes data from a service and you want to open that API to 3rd party developers, like Facebook or Dropbox does with their APIs, then this is for you. Kick-start a 3rd party developer ecosystem faster than ever before!

Get on Board

Zero To Launch is currently by invitation only. Customers and Partners must meet certain criteria including being a paid subscriber or recognized technology or solution partner. If you haven’t received an invitation but think this sounds pretty awesome, then feel free to reach out to me directly to see if you qualify.

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